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The Annual BIG Black Friday List For Photographers – 2014!

Annual Big Black Friday Sales List for Professional Photographers

Welcome to my annual photographer’s BIG Black Friday Sales Post for 2015! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! Outside of the trade shows at Imaging USA and WPPI, the BEST sales for photographers are during the Black Friday Sales this weekend! Every year, I work together with vendors that I know and love…

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The Business Lesson to be Learned from Lafanda Quee

Business Lessons from Lafanda Quee

Yesterday, a friend mentioned to me that they never check their “Other” folder on Facebook messenger, because all that is in there is random marriage proposals from foreign men. Laughing, I went to my “Other” folder on Facebook, with the plans to do some screen caps of what I found and … well, to be…

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Why You Need an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog

Why You Need an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog - part of the Blogging Brilliantly Series with Christine Tremoulet -

I’ve been talking about creating an editorial calendar for your blog, and I’ve realized that for some people that may just make your eyes gloss over because you aren’t sure what I’m talking about. We should back up a step and clear that up! In the magazine world, they have editorial calendars. You can look…

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