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Hello, HOUSTON! Hot Mama Featured in the Houston Chronicle!

I was interviewed about boudoir, beauty & glamour photography last week by the Houston Chronicle for the Ultimate Heights section, which I thought was going to be just a small feature. Instead, they wrote up this AMAZING article about me and my Hot Mama Boudoir mission! I’m so super excited about this because I’ve been…

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Hello, Houston! Featured in the Houston Chronicle!

Houston Chronicle feature Boudoir Photography

I’ve been featured in other publications over the years, but I think I may be the most excited about THIS feature! This one is all about empowering women through beauty & boudoir photography, my FAVORITE topic! And look at that – the photo of me is huge! The text is a little hard to read…

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Improve your Search Rankings with 3 Awesome SEO Tips!

This is a guestpost by Matt Antonino of High on SEO. Matt does search engine optimization for small businesses. You can find HighonSEO on Facebook! Thank you Matt for sharing this with us today! After partnering with friends from SMR Digital and doing search engine optimization (SEO) for over 80 photographers we’ve noticed that a…

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Have You Noticed All the Changes?

While the changes here haven’t been quite as obvious – with the exception of the addition of “By Christine Tremoulet” under the Hot Mama logo, there have been huge changes underway behind the scenes. I wrote what is quite possibly the worlds longest post EVER about all of it over here on my main boudoir…

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You May Have Noticed Some Changes Here?

All day today, I’ve been thinking that I need to write a post here to explain why there have been so many changes to this site and the story behind them. But I put it off, doing other work. Things that needed to be done, orders that needed to be prepped, the house that needed…

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