2007 From Flickr’s Point of View

2007 - Top 25

I use Flickr for photo storage and sharing, and am active in several groups and communities over there. As I’ve done in years past, I went through my top 100 photos (a set that is automatically generated) and made a set of the top 40 photos from 2007; this mosiac represents the top 25, in order of popularity. I thought I would share them here so you can see a sample of my some of my other photography. Meanwhile, I’m working on gathering up photos to revamp this site, change out the portfolio, and make it generally fabulous!

Thank you to all of YOU who helped make 2007 an amazing year!

Do you Flickr? Have a set of your top images from 2007? Let me know – I want to check them out!

Direct links to the photos:
1. Biltmore Bride, 2. Andi & Jason, 3. Big Red Couch, 4. Orange is In…, 5. Cooper, Yawning, 6. Well?, 7. Peacefully Sleeping, 8. $600 Doll. Seriously., 9. Wee Baby Toes!, 10. Dancing Lou, 11. Koln_Dom, 12. Sweet Baby, 13. The Exit, 14. LOVE, 15. Mike’s Lunch, 16. Jesus Saves, 17. Mother’s Love, 18. Name That Flower!, 19. Another From the Seats, 20. Nothing Better Than Blue!, 21. Ella’s First Birthday, 22. How to Feel like a Rockstar…, 23. Caffeine Required, 24. Anna & Jon, 25. Manhattan Sunset

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