Work With Me

Here’s what I know for sure:

We live in a world dominated by the Perfection Culture, and it is full of lies.

You are already complete.

You must find what you like about yourself. Right here, right now.

You need to have grace for yourself. Healing starts with forgiveness.

There is power in sharing your story.

You can not be everything to everyone. You MUST be everything to you.

You Are Enough.

So where do I come in?

I’ve worked with countless people over the last five years, helping them grow their confidence and rediscover their beauty.

I have X-Ray vision to help you see what I see inside of you.

I also happen to have all the tools you need to help you see inside yourself as well.

I have used every excuse you can come up with, twice. I wrote the book on self-sabotage and tearing myself down. I lived by that book for years. I have an intimate understanding of all of those negative voices in your head, trying to attack your confidence.

Which means when you work with me, I’ll probably be aware of what you’re thinking before you are.

I will stop those negative voices, dead in their tracks.

I will tell you the truth. I will help you see your Superpower.

It won’t always be easy, it will not be comfortable. You’ll definitely cry.

That’s okay, it is part of the process.

I’ll be there for you. You will not go through it alone.

If you need someone to push you off a cliff, I’m your girl, because I know you have the ability to build wings, even if you aren’t so sure. I’ll be standing on the edge cheering you on. Your number 1 fan as you fly.

You can. You will. You Are Enough.

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