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I first met Tiffany at Kelly & Ted’s wedding in October – Kelly is her cousin, so Tiffany & her mom Julie were at the house as Kelly was getting ready, and just so much fun throughout the wedding day. I was just *thrilled* when Julie contacted me in November after seeing Kelly’s photos and asked if I could photograph Tiffany & Dionicio’s wedding on New Year’s Eve at the Woodlands Resort & Conference Center in the The Glass and I can’t wait! It is going to be so much fun!

It will be a small, intimate family wedding, which are always so wonderful. We planned an engagement session at the resort for last Saturday. Then when we saw that it was supposed to be sunny on Sunday, we moved it. Clearly, the weatherman & I have different definitions of sunny. At least it wasn’t raining though!

I can’t wait for New Year’s Eve – their wedding is going to be the perfect way to kick off 2010!

Tiffany & Romeo Love - Engagement Photography HoustonEngagement Photography The Woodlands Tiffany & Romeo

The Glass Woodlands Resort & Conference Center Tiffany & Romeo

The Glass Tiffany & Romeo Woodlands Engagement Photography

Tiffany & Romeo Engagement Photography Houston

Tiffany & Romeo Woodlands Engagement Photography

Houston Engagement Photography Tiffany & RomeoWoodlands Engagement Photography Tiffany & Romeo

The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center

I turned to take the above photo of the main building and The Glass, and when I turned back, the two of them were all snuggly there on the docks. It was such a sweet moment – they are so in love!

Tiffany & Romeo's's Woodlands Engagement Photography

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