Terra Cotta Warriors – Houston Museum of Natural Science

Terra Cotta Warriors at HMNS

Last Sunday the Houston Museum of Natural Science hosted a special tour of the Terra Cotta Warriors for Flickr members so that we could tour the exhibit before the museum opened and *TAKE PHOTOS*!!! This is a no photography exhibit normally, so it was such a special chance to tour the exhibit with camera in hand!

Over 6000 of these warriors have been excavated since they were discovered in 1974, and it is estimated that about 1000 have been fully restored. They were made in the time period of the First Emporer of China. They are incredible!

Thank you again to Erin and the HMNS for making this possible! It was amazing!

Terra Cotta Warriors at Houston Museum of Natural ScienceHMNS Terra Cotta Warrior

Warriors Being MadeWarriors in Minature

This small version of the warriors demonstrated how they were made and put into place – you can’t help but wonder what work went into making 6000 warriors, most of which have very unique features.

Warrior at HMNSHMNS Warrior

Terra Cotta Warriors

Terra Cotta Warrior Exhibit

Warriors at HMNSTerra Cotta Warriors at HMNS

Warriors at HMNSHMNS Terra Cotta Warriors

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