Privacy Policy

When it comes to boudoir & contemporary beauty sessions, I only post photographs I’ve taken of real women who have hired me for their sessions on my website, but I understand that not every woman wants photographs taken in such intimate trust shared with the world. Therefore, any session I post not only has the client’s permission to post the images, but also her permission on a per-image basis to post the image, and the majority of my sessions are never seen by anyone outside of my team.

My staff is all female – my makeup artist, my session assistant if I have one, myself and my retouching artist. We are all women, and we all love what we do and have the greatest respect for the beauty of women. I do not do sneak peeks, and no images will be revealed without your consent either on my website or other social media outlets.

I do in-person proofing of images only so that you do not have to worry about your images being online in any way that could possibly be accessed without your consent. (There is a limit to how secure online gallery software systems are, and I do not want to take that risk with such private photos.)

If you wish for none of your images to be shared from your session, I will gladly respect your request both with understanding.

A Client-Photographer Confidentiality Agreement is available upon request. Your secret is safe with me!