Custom USB Flash Drives for Photographers

I’ve shared before my thoughts on switching to custom USB Drives and examples of mine along with my packaging, but it is time to talk about them again because there are big things happening at PhotoFlashDrive!

Did you notice the name change? Yes, many of us have referred to them as Pexagon for years, and used a special coupon code that they made available to photographers to get 25% off of their USB drives and packaging products for our clients. As PexagonTech grows and becomes more focused on promotional products for companies, that site is discontinuing some of the products that we love – but don’t worry, the products are not going away! From now on, use the PhotoFlashDrive site and the 25% off discount for photographers is AUTOMATICALLY calculated! No more need for a special discount code, and all the products that you love – plus many more great ones that they are adding all the time – will be there for you to order!

The new site is also structured to help make it easier for you to find the USB drive packaging options that work with the USB drive styles that you are purchasing. That way, for example, if you order wood drives like the ones featured above, you can be sure to get the packaging for the wood drives. I spoke with Brian Campbell, the president of PexagonTech and PhotoFlashDrive, about the site changes at WPPI, and they making ordering what we need so much easier!

Same as before, there are no minimums for your order, and no set-up fees for using your logo on your products! This is one of my favorite things about using PhotoFlashDrives, as I do not want to keep a large supply of drives on hand as I purposely keep my supply inventories very low.

10% Off Coupon Code

To celebrate my Birthday Bash, you can use the coupon code BIRTHDAY10 to get an additional 10% off of your purchase! Visit PhotoFlashDrive by October 6, 2014 and place your order.

Custom Wood Engraved USB Flash Drives

Custom Wood USB Flash Drives and Packaging for Photographers

Do you use PhotoFlashDrive to create custom USB drives? I’d love to feature your drives along with your packaging in a future post! Contact me and let me know if you are interested!

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