Business, Brilliantly Episode 4 – Tips in 10ish – Overcome Blog Shame

Tips in 10ish - Overcome Blog Shame

Welcome to the new edition to the Business Brilliantly podcast – Tips in 10ish! 10 minutes, more or less, of tips, tricks, and actionable items for you! Use them to help you harness the power of storytelling, blogging, and social media to magnetize your ideal clients and dominate your market.

Overcoming Blog Shame

Look, I get it. I hear it all the time whenever someone starts to tell me about their blog. They look a little sheepish. They tell me how they haven’t written on it in a few weeks … a few months … a few years. They apologize to me. I’m never sure why; it is your blog, not mine. I think we all feel that need though, the need to apologize for our blog shame.

Even after blogging for 15 years, I’ve been there too. You’re not alone in this.

Here are three tips to help you overcome your blog shame and get you back to writing again.

To sum it up:

– Pick a topic you could spend 12 hours a day talking about. Ok, maybe not 12 hours, but you know what I mean. For me? That is talking about getting your business online, branding, marketing, blogging, social media – everything that it takes for Business Brilliantly.

– Brainstorm a list of every post you could possibly write. Make sure the list is long enough to sustain creating content for your site. Set a timer for 30 minutes, and challenge yourself to make a list of 20 topics.

– You define what your success looks like. Stop freaking out if you don’t have 10,000 readers on your blog / Facebook page / Instagram account. Focus instead on getting clients. You really might only need 100 engaged followers a month.

The YouTube + Podcast Format

I recorded this podcast on YouTube, and extracted the audio for the podcast. Thing is, I am not so sure how I feel about talking to myself alone on video. I love it for my interviews, but for the Tips in 10ish series? I’m going to have to do a few more to see if I really like it. What do you think? Do you like having a video option? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Weekend Edition Business, Brilliantly Podcast with C.C. Chapman - http://ChristineTremoulet.com

Business, Brilliantly Episode 3 – Weekend Edition with C.C. Chapman

Weekend Edition Business, Brilliantly Podcast with C.C. Chapman - http://ChristineTremoulet.com

When I was first planning out my podcast, I made a list of people that I wanted to have as guests on the show – and today’s guest, C.C. Chapman was at the top of the list. Storyteller, author, podcaster, marketing expert, speaker, photographer, champion of social good … the list of things that C.C. is known for is long. He is a truly a Renaissance man, and such an inspiration.

We talk about the “new” medium of podcasting – which we both started doing in the early days of the medium in 2004 – 2005. C.C. was the person that helped me figure it all out when I had my first podcast on knitting back then. We met even earlier thanks to blogging — he is truly internet Old School.

We also discuss dealing with the hard parts of being an entrepreneur, and how to keep yourself motivated to keep going.

Towards the end of this episode we discuss a poem he wrote recently, which you can find here: We Must Do More.

Interested in connecting with C.C.? Here are some important links, some of which are also mentioned in this episode:
Content Rules, co-authored with Ann Handley
Amazing Things Will Happen: A Real-World Guide on Achieving Success and Happiness
Accident Hash Podcast: #275
Subscribe to Managing the Gray
Never Enough Days – a conscience-based consultancy specializing in social good, cause marketing and corporate social responsibility founded by C.C.

You can also find C.C. on Instagram and Twitter.

Live Audience Podcast Recording: One Show, Many Uses

An Alternate Way to Record Podcasts: One Show, Many Uses!

Live Audience Podcast Recording: One Show, Many Uses

After doing a recent webinar with Jenna Soard for Launch Your Space, I realized the power of using the webinar format for my podcast episodes, and I think this could be totally brilliant! I’d love to hear your feedback on it — is it something you would want?

Each week when I record the Weekend Edition for Business Brilliantly, I would send out an announcement in the newsletter of who was going to be my next guest. You could then sign up to be a part of our LIVE audience for the recording!

Using webinar software, we would remind you before the show started, and then the show would be the same conversation format, just live for you to watch. You could ask questions, which we would answer at the end for the Q&A portion.

The thing I love about this is the community aspect of it. I want these shows to be valuable for you – so if you’re there live as a guest, getting answers to your questions, that brings you in to the conversation.

After the recording, the show would then be live on YouTube and we would extract the audio for the podcast episode.

One show. Three uses – live for the community, YouTube, and the podcast. I’m all about creating content — and using it wisely.

I’m sure I’m not the first one to think of this, but I’ve never seen it done before and I’m super excited to share it with you! I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

PS – If you’d be interested in tuning in live, use the box below on this post to get on the newsletter!

Photo above from the Grand Canyon, May 2015. You can almost see the river at the bottom there.

How I Named WordPress, the Untold Story

Business, Brilliantly Episode 2 – How I Named WordPress, the Untold Story

How I Named WordPress, the Untold Story

For a long time, the fact that I named WordPress was not something I talked about much. Matter of fact, I normally only mentioned it if I was in a situation where I needed to make it clear to another geek that I am, in fact, a geek.

For example, when I asked my friend Jonathan the day that we met what he was using to code the new version of a software I used. He said, “Not PHP.” I asked again. “Not PHP.” We may have gone a third round even before I finally threw down my geek card, “I named WordPress.”

His response was the same one everyone has. “Wait. WHAT??? Wait. REALLY? How did you name WordPress?!”

Yes. I really did. And I’ve been holding out on the story. (Well, at least the far more detailed story than what is on the WordPress site, or discussed in Wikipedia)

12+ years later, it felt like it was finally time to tell this story, along with some of the random trivia that goes along with it.

I’m on a mission to get entrepreneurs to use storytelling their blogs before social media to build their brands & their audience online so that they can dominate their market. On that note, it is time for for my own story to be told.

Business Brilliantly Weekend Edition with Guest Rachel Brenke

Business, Brilliantly Episode 1 – Weekend Edition with Rachel Brenke

Business Brilliantly Weekend Edition with Guest Rachel Brenke

As I mentioned in the previous podcast post, the idea for the Business, Brilliantly show first came to mind while on the phone with Rachel Brenke, so it seemed fitting that I asked her to be the first guest on the show as well. I’m so glad that she said yes!

Rachel is a lawyer, a business consultant, an author – and a mother to five kids, a wife to a loving husband, and training for her second Triathlon. Pretty amazing, right?! She primarily works with photographers (mostly through her other business, The LawTog), creatives, and small business owners. She shares in our conversation why she is passionate about working with small business owners over the choice to go work in a more corporate setting.

We talked a bit about copyright and using photographs that you find online – Rachel wrote up a blog post on this exact topic and included links of places where you can to to find photographs that are legal to be used. You can read all about it here.

As a special bonus gift for tuning in today, be sure to get Rachel’s Disclosure Guide Freebie to get started on making your business online legal. Be sure to visit her shop as well for any other contracts you might need.

One important note: I mention in the show having a “shoe budget” when I was a wedding photographer; I did not make it clear that this was not a business expense or a tax deduction but rather money I paid myself and then set aside to pay for them.

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