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Using Google Analytics to Build Your Blog Editorial Calendar – Day 11 – 30 Days to Awesomize Your Blog

Using Google Analytics to Build Your Blog Editorial CalendarWhen I’m sitting down to work on my Editorial Calendar for my blog, the first thing I do is look at what Google Analytics has to tell me. (Hint: this is why we talked in the last tip on the fact that you need to get Analytical by adding Google Analytics to your blog!)

Google Analytics is full of data. TONS of information. And … I have to confess I used to always get lost in there. (Ok, sometimes I still get lost in there!) Today I’ll share with you where to go to find the highest traffic pages on your website in Analytics. That is one of my favorite things to check out because it helps me lay the foundation for my Editorial Calendar! It tells me what has resonated with people, what you are reading, what you are likely sharing (if traffic is up for a post) and what you find engaging.

If it is content you enjoy as a reader, I want to write more about it. Especially if I have more to say about it, or if I can approach it from another angle without being redundant. If it is something I love to talk about but the engagement wasn’t so great, it gives me a chance to review it again, see what I might have missed, or find ways to continue to talk about it that might be more interesting or that Google might pick up on for SEO.

To find this data in Google Analytics, you want to log in to your account. From there, on the left menu bar, look for the section named “Behavior”. Random name, which is probably why I missed it for so long! Once you select Behavior, the Overview screen will show you the top 10 posts on your website. If one is titled “/” that means it is your home page. For most people, I’d expect that to be the most trafficked page on your site – unless you have a static page and a blog. Then your blog will be even higher.

Looking under Behavior >> Site Content >> All Pages will also provide you with this information, along with additional data. (On the iPhone Google Analytics app it is simply Behavior >> All Pages.) You can select the date range for the data you want to view – I like to view “Month” to get an overview of what is popular.

Now that you’re armed with Analytics, and we talked at the beginning of this series about how important it is to let your readers know why they are on your blog, we are ready to talk about your Ideal Client Avatar and how to build your blog editorial calendar for them! (Hint: If you aren’t on the email list already, make sure you join it so you know when those posts are live!)

30 Days to Awesomize Your Blog is my series about all the blog changes I’m making – and I want you to join in with me on them! Be sure to post your blog link below so I can check out your blog – and I’d LOVE to hear if there is anything you would like to know more about, or any topics I should be sure to cover! The hashtag for social media is #30DAB. Please pin this to share!

Get Analytical – Add Google Analytics to Your Blog! Day 10 – 30 Days to Awesomize Your Blog

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Add Google Analytics to Your Blog to help plan keywords and your editorial calendar!We’re about to dive in to keywords and creating an editorial calendar, but there is really no point in starting up any of that if you’re not taking the time to analyze what is already happening on your blog.

First things first? You need to add Google Analytics to your blog. Then you can plan your keywords & editorial calendar! << Tweet this! >>

Go on over now to Analytics and sign up for an account!

Google will then provide you with a snippet of code to add to your website pages. If you follow their instructions for setting up Analytics they mention pasting the code in to every page you want to track. You don’t have to do this though! YAY! Instead, most WordPress themes have tips on where to add the analytics code for the theme – often in the design options. This part will vary from theme to theme, so I can’t really help you here. Poke around and see what you find. This is one of the best parts of using WordPress for a website – the theme is the design framework for your content, and so you only have to enter it one time.

If your theme doesn’t have a specific place to add this, you can find a number of WordPress Plugins that will make it easy for you. My first choice would be Google Analytics by Yoast.

Now that you have Analytics in place, we can start looking at some ways to use it to help you plan things for the future on your blog!

30 Days to Awesomize Your Blog is my way of sharing the changes I’m making to my own website to help make my blog more user friendly and just all around fabulous. I’d love it if you join me! Leave a comment below so I can be sure to check out your blog too!

Clean Up Your Categories! Day 9 – 30 Days to Awesomize Your Blog

Clean Up Your Categories! 30 Days to Awesomize Your BlogYou’re just happily writing your latest & greatest blog post, and you decide to add yet another category to your blog for this post. After all, you’re going to be talking about this ALL the time, right? Yes! New category it is!


Don’t do it. Resist the temptation. Don’t add more categories, at least not yet!

Why? Because otherwise you’ll end up in the quagmire I discovered when I did this step myself. It turns out that over the years, I had added approximately 70+ categories to my blog. Many of those categories had only 1 or 2 posts in them. That meant, if I wanted to create a category list to make things easy for my site’s readers to find? Oh goodness. That list was going to be a LONG one!

Clean up the categories on your blog to help make the good stuff easier for your readers to find! << Click to Tweet >>

How to Clean Up Your Categories on Your Blog

The first step is probably the most important – you want to check the permalink structure on your blog. If the Category is part of the URL for your individual blog posts? You’re going to want to change the Permalink structure and make sure that you redirect those posts so you don’t lose SEO ranking on them. (I know that possibly just sounded like a bunch of gibberish. Read what Yoast has to say on how to change your WordPress Permalink Structure and permalink structure in The Definitive Guide To Higher Rankings For WordPress Sites.

In other words, if your blog post address is … well, you’re going to have to make some changes, because you really want all of those posts to go to before you go moving them around in categories and breaking all the links.

Once I had that part all set up thanks to some redirects, then I could go through and move posts around. In my WordPress dashboard, I went to Posts >> Categories. I looked for every category that has only 1-2 posts listed for it. Clicking on the Posts number on the far right showed me the exact posts assigned to that category.

For each post, I chose the “Quick Edit” option under the post title and selected the larger category that I wanted that post to be assigned. I had mapped out in advance my big main categories, the ones with subjects that I do talk about most often. Then as I assigned new categories to the posts, I knew which category I wanted them in.

Tedious? Yes. I still have far too many categories right now. I’m editing them down though still!

A Future Plan for Your Blog Categories

My new policy is that I keep a list of main, high level categories and all of my posts go within them. Ideally, this list should be under 20. If I discover that I’m writing about a particular topic more than 5-10 times, say for example a 30 day blog post series like this one, I’ll create a category for it then so it could be easy for future readers to find. Adding the category is optional, I could use tags instead within WordPress if I wanted to keep the category list short.

Have you cleaned up your categories yet? Let me know in the comments so I can be sure to visit your website!

Why yes, this blog HAS moved! I’m so glad you noticed. As I started working on the 30 Days to Awesomize Your Blog series, I realized that it was time. Time to be ME, and move all of my work under my name. The site is still a work in progress – after all, I’m still making it Awesome! Don’t worry though – all of your old links will direct here so you can easily find it again!

We Are Moving to a New Website! – 30 Days to Awesomize Your Blog

We Are Moving to A New Website! Business Of AwesomeI talk a lot about being authentically you, branding around yourself and your personality to bring in clients that are a perfect, ideal fit for you, and how your ideal clients will connect with you.

They want to get to know you.

The problem was, the more time I spent writing this series to help you grow your blog, the more I realized that I needed to take my own advice.

I need to step out from behind the Business of Awesome name and be myself. As I always say, #BrandYOU.

Turns out that my quick and easy move, merging this site in to Christine Tremoulet … well, that site is sort of a mess. I knew that going in to it after all, that was what started the series, but I didn’t realize how much time I was going to need to take to clean up my categories over there before I could merge this content in. Whoops!

Over the weekend, I’m going to move this site over there. I’m doing it by hand instead of using WordPress plugins because I want to make sure that everything is mapped over to the right locations. To say it is a bit tedious is an understatement. After 7+ years, there is a lot of content over there!

I’ll be back as soon as I can with the next step in this series though – just consider this a little pause, go enjoy a September weekend day – fall or spring, depending on what part of the world you are in – and I’ll email you as soon as it is all back online! (Be sure to join the email list so you get a notice!)

Then come and check out the pretty new site over there! Coming soon!

Transformations: 1 Year Later

Vivid & Brave and Transformations

Tomorrow, Vivid & Brave turns 1.

Back in July of 2013, Stephanie and I traveled to  Denver, Colorado to act as mentors at a workshop there. For awhile, we’d been talking about so many things – the future, how our transition from photography to coaching would go, what the best path to take would be. And it was on that trip that the seeds for Vivid & Brave were planted. We discussed endlessly, and wrote the outline of the 12 week program in the car, Stephanie at the wheel, me writing, as we drove up to Breckenridge after the workshop for a quick moment in the mountains – for some fresh air.

When you launch a company with someone who lives almost as far away from you as someone can get without leaving the continent, this is how it looks, the story taking place on multiple pins on the map. Our program was sketched out in Colorado, and written on Stephanie’s kitchen table in Calgary a month later. We got tattoos the day after launch day, in Okotoks, a town just south of Calgary, and came together in January in Houston to create a three hour workshop. Since we launched, we’ve been together in 9 cities, two countries. We’ve had the privilege of speaking to dozens of amazing people. We’ve written workshop slides over dinner in Galveston and hung out in the ER in South Carolina. It’s been an adventure.

When we first started, we knew one thing was for sure: we wanted to work with women in transition. Women who were experiencing changes in their lives, and who were searching for who they were, what their purpose was. We ourselves were there, in post transition worlds, on journeys to becoming more fully ourselves. We knew the women we wanted to work with were just like us: creative, deeply introspective, driven, passionate. They wanted to live the life we would find ourselves living – making our dreams come true, shifting and changing to find the best fit for the lives we wanted, denting the universe.

Our first year in business has been so many things: exhilarating, frustrating, inspiring. There were days we were ready to throw in the towel, where we weren’t sure where we were going, and days we were certain we just needed to keep moving forward, keep hustling. We built a vocabulary around our community, a manifesto, we sharpened our focus. Some times we fought. More than a few times we cried. We laughed really, really hard. We logged a whole lot of miles, on the ground, and in the air. We sent more than 22,000 Facebook messages to each other.

And we’ve gotten the honor of watching our clients unfold. Step into themselves. Refind what they thought they had lost. We’ve hugged a lot of people and given out a lot of buttons. We shared as much inspiration and advice and love as we could muster. We got to be part of people’s breakdowns and breakthroughs. We’ve done a lot of happy dances for our clients, who have become our friends. We’ve written more 100 journal prompts to help others open their hearts to their own personal clarity.

I’ve been putting off sharing this blog post. Because I know how it ends. It is with both a heavy heart and an eager one that I have to tell you all what’s next for Vivid & Brave, and for Stephanie and me.

I have made the decision to pursue other projects, and so I will be moving on from Vivid & Brave. You’ll be able to find me here, at, from now on, sharing content on the business of photography, blogging, and coaching people to build awesome businesses.

Stephanie will be continuing on with Vivid & Brave, with a brand new, 8 week, one on one version of the coaching program, more half day and full day workshops, and a deeper focus on the heart work of running a creative passion business.

It’s this change that demonstrates what we’ve known about Vivid & Brave since the day we realized it was something we both needed to do, in my Mini Cooper, winding through the Rocky Mountains. That you have to bring your passion and your purpose together into your work. That the best work – the most fulfilling work – is work that fills you with joy. And that it’s okay to give yourself the grace to realize there’s a better fit out there for you. We journeyed together, and now we’re ready to part ways, though we’re guaranteed to continue to log miles, and add pins to the map. We can’t really resist a Mini Cooper road trip. I hope you’ll stick around to see where both of us end up next.

(This post originally written by Stephanie, and of course shared with permission.)

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