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Pretty in Pink!

I’m about to unplug the computer, pack my bags, and head out for the Orlando airport so that I can return home. It has been such a fabulous trip to Florida, and I had a wonderful time meeting everyone and learning so many fantastic things. There is change in the air, and it is wonderful! I feel like my head is just exploding with ideas – so now I just need to polish them up!

I’ve had such fantastic interest in the Boudoir sessions that I will be offering starting this month, I thought I would post an update on them. If you have any feedback you would like to share, I would *love* to hear it — I know what I would want out of a session, and it seems to fit what most people want too, but if you have ideas please share away!

Boudoir sessions will be available on location (your house or a hotel room that you rent), or at my studio space in the Heights (starting in mid-June). If you have friends that would like to do sessions too and you want to get an awesome hotel suite and have a mini-marathon, that is fantastic! Feel free to contact me to see what dates are available for that. I am also coordinating a mini-marathon within the next few weeks and will post about it here.

I’ve decided that instead of packages, I will be going with sessions + a la carte items initially. I am planning to have 3 or 4 different levels of albums available, from press-printed coffee table types of books to art books and then complete flushmount albums like the ones I offer to wedding clients. That way, you can choose what fits your needs best! This is where I would love feedback though – I think most people want albums, but does an album + prints package fit your needs better? Or the whole thing rolled into one with the session fee?

Bedroom EyesNow for the special offer!!! For anyone that books a session in the month of June – it doesn’t have to do the session in June, just book it – the session fee will be waived! (Weekend appointments are very limited due to my schedule.) There is a $100 date reservation fee, and you will get a $100 credit for products that you can use towards albums and prints. To book a session, please contact me through the “Contact” link on all the pages which will take you to an email form – this helps me follow up with you. Sessions must be booked by June 30th, 2008 and the reservation fee must be received within 5 days of scheduling your session to hold the date.

(PS – I’m about to get on a plane so I’ll be offline for about 5 hours between the airport and the flight and the drive home – if you email me today I might not respond until tomorrow. I will respond though, I promise!)

As for the “Pretty in Pink!” title of this post — I have ideas for a new website, new branding, and so much more for this! I told you I was just buzzing with ideas!

(Update: I added a photo from my most recent boudoir session to this post — so now it is extra pretty in pink!)

We Can Constantly Be In Contact!

I’ve wanted to set up an email newsletter for some time, but just didn’t have a solution for managing it that I felt was a perfect fit. Recently, I’ve started to receive emails sent via Constant Contact, and after getting a few of them in my own inbox, I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for!

I’ll be sending out emails once or twice a month regarding various things happening around here. I’ve even set it up so you can choose what topics of emails you would like to receive (General, Wedding, Family or Boudoir Photography related) so you can filter it down to the type of information you’re interested in. I’ll be announcing specials from time to time via the email list too!

I’ve added a link up top to sign up called “Newsletter” or you can register right here! I hope you’ll consider signing up!

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Sign up for the Email Newsletter!

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Top That!

Alltop, all the top storiesPlanning a wedding isn’t always easy, and there are a zillion wedding related blogs out there. You can add them all to your Google Feed Reader, but what about finding that perfect wedding related blog that you might not otherwise know about?

That is where comes in! is a really cool site that has the goal of providing you with blog summaries from a variety of sites under different topics. When Guy Kawasaki, the owner of the site, visited Houston a few weeks ago to talk about marketing, he asked for feedback on the site. I pointed out that weddings were not listed. Such a huge thing – and it wasn’t represented on the site. I offered to make a list of some of my favorite blogs for them to use on the list, and sent it along.

I’ve been anxiously waiting for them to launch it ever since – and today, it is finally live!

So check out – where you can find all the top wedding blogs out there, in one place!

The New New Office!


A few weeks ago I posted about Caroline Collective, where my new office was scheduled to be this summer. Fate had other plans for me though. Funny how things work out sometimes.

Back in December, as Mike, Jason & I left 11th Street Cafe and headed down to Lights in the Heights, we passed a building on Studewood with a sign over the door that said “Clover”. I thought to myself that it would be an awesome location to be in someday. I dreamed of someday moving to The Heights here in Houston.

In February, I left my space at Two Be Wed as it wasn’t a good fit for my needs. I wanted a private space where I could meet with clients, work between meetings, and one with more flexible hours to better fit my schedule. Right as I made this decision, I learned of Caroline Collective. It was a perfect fit for every single one of those needs. I picked out a future room for myself and started making plans.

At the beginning of May, while Caroline was still being worked on, I received a call from Mitch, the coordinator of the Yale Street Market. I had told Mitch last year that if he ever knew of a space in the Heights that he thought would be a good fit, to let me know. He had found a space. I told him about Caroline, but then let him tell me about the space in the Heights. Then he told me the location and the name — and I realized it was the exact place I had spotted back in December.

The owner was out of town for a family emergency, but when she returned I had a chance to see the space. She is an interior designer, and the front room is set up as a showroom. Moving back into the space, she had several rooms she wanted to rent out – including two rooms in the back that were perfect for what I needed — and gave me something I didn’t even realize that I wanted before the opportunity was there – a space to shoot! With windows on both sides of the room, the light in there is awesome!

I signed the lease last Friday and picked up the keys. Saturday evening involved moving in furniture with the help of Mike, Kenny, Elaine & Tara. Sunday involved shopping for a small couch that would be a good fit for my meeting room. Yesterday involved putting the couch into the space, and then some more shopping with my Mom where we found a different rug for the room, throw pillows, a trunk for a coffee table, and other decorative goodies. Now I just need to put in a ceiling fan, end tables, lamps, and order canvas prints for the walls. Setting up the studio room will take place in June, but I have some great ideas!

The hardest part of the whole thing? Breaking the news to Matthew, who is heading up Caroline Collective, that I wouldn’t be there. I’m so very glad that they are bringing co-working to Houston, and I support them 127% (if not more) and look forward to dropping in from time to time. I am grateful for his support and understanding though that I had to make a business call and go with what I knew was ultimately the right decision for my needs and the future of my business.

I’m so excited about being a part of Clover location and being a part of the Heights community! I am there on an appointment only basis at this time, but feel free to contact me to set up a time to meet! The new address is 1024 Studewood – in the Heights!

Signed. All Mine.

Happy Birthday, Regina!

I normally save posts like this one for my personal blog, but I just have to give her a shout out here — a big, huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my fabulous mentor, Regina! Last year, I attended the Elevate 2 workshop hosted by Garrett Nudd and Regina & I were the only two “single” female attendees there. (I’m not single, but Mike didn’t attend. All the other women had roommates.) We talked on the phone beforehand and made arrangements to split a hotel room during our time in Orlando.

Once we left the workshop, I adopted her as my mentor. Ever since, I think I’ve talked to her at least once a week if not more – sometimes daily! She has been such a HUGE influence on my business, and on my photography, and she has helped me grow as a person – I just can’t possibly say enough good things about her.

I only wish that I lived a bit closer to Asheville, North Carolina so I could see her more often! I had fun shooting Nathalie & Joe’s wedding with her last fall, and I hope to make it up there again sometime this year for another one! We also got to spend time together at WPPI this year, and now we’re making plans for a fabulous workshop later this year in Mexico! Whee!

Thank you for everything, Regina. You truly are the best! Happy Birthday! (And if you’re in Asheville, be sure to look her up – you can not possibly go wrong with her INCREDIBLE work!)

Update: I forgot to mention it before, but Regina? She ALWAYS gives really good advice.

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