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Spice Up Your Holidays!

I first discovered Spice Paper Designs when I still had a space at the Two Be Wed Studios here in Houston. Every time I would go in, I would swoon a little bit over the Letterpress awesomeness. (Ok, so I sort of have a thing for paper products.) So I was giddy when I spotted the fabulous Holiday Cards that they are offering this year!

Even better, she gave me permission to share the special code here to get you save 15% when you order your cards by November 15th! Just mention “Early Bird” when you place your order!

If there is a photograph from one of our sessions or weddings that you would like to use for your holiday cards from Spice Paper Designs, and you would like to get a copy of it – all resized and perfect for the card of your choice – please let me know! (And of course – if you wanted to send me one of your cards when they are complete, I would be thrilled!)

Need a holiday card portrait? I’ll have several dates available later this month and in November for mini-sessions lasting 30 minutes, with 10-15 proofs from your session available to choose from for a photo for your card – whether you print them with Spice Paper Designs or someone else. Please use the contact form above to set up your appointment time! Sessions are $75, available in the Greater Houston area, and include the photo shoot, online gallery of proofs, and one digital file of your choice for printing. Other prints and files are available for purchase through the gallery.

Miss M – Boudoir Session in Austin, Texas

Back in September, before Hurricane Ike decided to drop in to Houston for a visit – leaving me without power for 14 days – I went to Austin for a boudoir session with Miss M. She is getting married in October, and what better way to support a member of our troops than with a set of pinup photos of his wife! On top of that, Miss M has worked hard to lose weight during his most recent deployment, so these shots were also a celebration of her hard work between Weight Watchers and Jazzercise. We all agreed she needs to be their new representative, because she is so inspiring!

We held the session at a house, and we were blessed with fabulous light for it! We had a ton of fun – it is hard to get the steamy, sultry shots when you can’t stop laughing!





Miss M’s Boudoir Session – Austin, Texas


Sample shots from my recent boudoir session in Austin, Texas with the fabulous Miss M. are now online over at Boudoir Mon Cheri! (Might not be work safe.) Lots of other sessions coming up to add to the blog! Of course, I get permission for every single photo I post online, so sometimes it takes a little while longer to share the most recent sessions!

Holiday sessions are still available – be sure to check out the Holiday Specials and make someone extra happy!

Hurricane Ike Status Update Update

On Friday, September 26, our power was *finally* restored at our house – which is also my primary workspace. (I shoot at the studio / office in the Heights and hold meetings there — but I do business work, proofing, preparing prints, all that stuff at the house.) My birthday was on Saturday, along with Erika & Jason’s wedding, so we didn’t actually pack up and return from my parent’s house until yesterday.

This week prints will be going to the lab, DVDs will be burned, and everything will be going out in the mail. Thank you *SO MUCH* to everyone who was so patient in waiting for things! I’m finally able to send email again from my computer, so I’ll keep you posted when things are on their way!

Hurricane Ike Status Update

(Updated on Sept. 20, 2008, and again on Sept. 23, 2008)
I thought a post was in order to let everyone know my status during Hurricane Ike:

- My family is fine.
- My house is fine. Tree limbs down, but none on the house. No power as of 9/23/08 (11 days so far), so we are staying with my parents who do have power.
- None of us have internet access – not at my house or my parent’s house. My parents now have internet access. Yeah! I can only respond to email via my iPhone though, and it is somewhat tedious so I try to limit it.
- I’m still working. Matter of fact, I’ve posted the first half of the proofs from Tricia & Daniel’s wedding today.
- I’m trying to keep driving to a minimum until the gas shortage is over – I want to make sure I have gas to get to weddings. I’m starting to see gas stations without lines now, so hopefully that will pass by this weekend. Gas is much more available now, but there are still traffic lights without power, so I’m still trying to keep driving to a minimum for the time being.
- Any print orders or DVDs that need to be shipped out are currently delayed. They will hopefully go out next week, but it could be two weeks.
- Posting things online in galleries is also delayed until we get the internet access back at our house or my parent’s house. I’ve tried at public wifi access places, but they won’t allow large uploads like that. I also posted Leah & Ryan’s wedding photos last Friday, along with Erika & Jason’s engagement session.

I’m sorry about the inconvenience for everyone — trust me, I feel your pain! I’ll update this post as I know more, and keep it at the top of the page until it no longer applies.

I’ve received several emails asking about available dates for rescheduled weddings — I am rather heavily booked for the fall, but I am working to get together a list of other photographers that are available for fall dates. Please feel free to email me to get the list for a certain date, even if I am booked. I’m happy to do anything I can to help out!

My currently *booked* 2008 dates are:
- Saturday, September 20
- Saturday, September 27
- Friday, October 3
- Saturday, October 11
- Sunday, October 12
- Saturday, October 18
- Saturday, November 8
- Saturday, November 22
- Saturday, December 20

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