It has to be perfect to be successful is a bullshit story I tell myself that keeps me stuck instead of moving forward. Read more on

If It is Perfect, It Will be Successful – Bullshit Stories I Tell Myself

I’ve been working for days on my Work With Me copy for this website.

No, wait. I’ve been working on it for months. If I’m completely honest? Probably a whole year.

I write it, I love it, I like it, I hate it … I tell no one about it. Then I repeat the cycle all over again.

Irony? When I work with others I help them do this for themselves ALL the TIME. But doing it for myself? It just feels impossible.

So as I sit here making another round of revisions, 4 pages of notes laid out in front of me, I started thinking about it.

What the hell is my problem here? What is the road block?

(You see, the good thing about being a coach is knowing what questions to ask myself. Even if I don’t like the answers.)

So as I procrastiworked by analyzing my problem instead of writing my own copy, I got really clear on what is going on.

I’m telling myself the bullshit story that if my copy isn’t perfect, no one will hire me.

It has to be perfect to be successful is a bullshit story I tell myself that keeps me stuck instead of moving forward. Read more on

I’m putting all this pressure on myself that my copy must be witty and perfect. Enchanting. Adorable. Precisely me, as if you were listening to speak at my most brilliant moment EVER when you were reading it. You will then immediately relate and beg me to work with you because you simply MUST have exactly what I offer.

Here is the catch to all of that — what I offer to my coaching clients has some fluidity based on what they need. Since I am a coach, I’m also able to adapt how I describe it, and how I teach, based on how you hear. A skill I’ve learned over the years is being able to be fluid so that it resonates for you.

Which means that I’ll never have just one perfect way of describing it.

I need to stop circling around this perfection concept.

I need to embrace what I’ve always known and taught so many other people – there is POWER in polarizing.

I need to be ME, and talk about it just as I would in a conversation. My passion. My love for helping people get comfortable in their own skin so that they can be the best entrepreneurs possible and put themselves out there online.

I need to follow my own advice.

I’m owning this publicly so that I can now go and DO IT. These 4 pages of notes are full of gems of brilliance. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it has to be honest. Real. VULNERABLE. My story woven with the story that I wish for you, because people connect through the power of stories. That is why blogging is so essential for your business. If you want your clients to know you, to like you, to TRUST YOU … you have to let go of perfection and sink in to vulnerability.

I owe it to you to share this with you, to share with you the power of working with me. That may sound a bit odd, but really it isn’t. If you’re my ideal client? Hiding my brilliance doesn’t serve me, and it definitely doesn’t serve YOU. Which is what I want more than anything in the long run.

Perfection isn’t what brings you success. Vulnerability and overcoming your FEAR does that. You have to show up and BE SEEN.

I Don't Have Time to Blog - are you telling yourself this bullshit story? Is it time to change the narrative?

“I Don’t Have Time to Blog” – Bullshit Stories I Tell Myself

Things are about to get a lot more real here. More raw. More honest. All of those things I normally post on Facebook, giving them all the good content and keeping things super clean and polished here? YEAH. That. That is going to end.

Last week I was at the Emerging Women Conference in San Francisco, and attending a class with Jackee Holder on the therapeutic impact of personal writing broke the floodgates open for me. (The floodgates were already near bursting, but that is a story for another time.)

The next day I wrote a list of over 40 posts I could write about here. This is in addition to the ongoing lists that I keep all the time with topic ideas.

Then I added them to the list of all the posts that I have never written about.

Then I did nothing with them. Sunday through Thursday, I have not touched the list again.

I could claim that that is because I’ve been traveling. I thought that the fact that I had a red-eye flight on Sunday night and a brief 48 hours in Houston with a lot to do while I was home was why I have not blogged about them.


I talk about these topics all the time. Client calls, workshops and presentations that I give – but I am “sooooooo busy” I don’t have time (truth: I don’t TAKE the time) to write them out as blog posts.

In order to force myself to break this cycle? I’m going to start writing about when I hit that wall myself. Right here, on my blog. All of the bullshit stories I tell myself. Those little things that keep me small? I’m over them.

Just a few minutes ago, I was thinking to myself how I don’t have time to blog. So much to say, no time to write. Nope, no time at all………….


I spent an hour on Facebook this morning already. I answered people’s questions, I wrote witty posts about the things I found online that others had posted.


The Facebook zombie … it is eating my brain and keeping me from writing HERE.

Before Facebook came along – before Twitter came along – I used to write on my personal blog sometimes 4-5 times a DAY. I had so much to say, my blog was where I said it.

Lately, it just feels so much faster and easier to drop those wisdom nuggets on Facebook and move on. Zip zap, open the app, post, move on.

Good for Facebook. Not good for ME at all.

Once I write them, they are gone within a day. No one sees them again. So many nuggets of wisdom – just tossed aside.

I Don't Have Time to Blog - are you telling yourself this bullshit story? Is it time to change the narrative?

Breaking down the Bullshit – I DO HAVE TIME TO BLOG

  • Facebook may feel easier, but I *KNOW* that it does not serve me personally, and it doesn’t serve my business. It needs to be in addition to, not instead of, blogging.
  • I think part of the anxiety is because of the need for a photo for every post. I need to decide how much of that is a choice of my own, and how much of that is a reality. Because of my blog template right now, the photos are required as part of the design, so what can I do to make it easier on myself? I made templates in Canva already, so it is a bullshit excuse. It took me maybe 5 minutes to make the two graphics I needed.
  • Since I teach people to use their blog for their business, I KNOW that every post does NOT need to be polished or perfect. Not at all. People connect with the REAL. Not the perfect – we love the rough edges. The things that polarize. That is how we find our tribe. I need to honor you by giving it to you straight.
  • Well, look at that.

    A whole blog post, over 700 words … written in less than 30 minutes. About the time I would take to write an email that is this long. All because I put down my iPhone and stopped reading Facebook.

    I told my friend Jessica in September that it is GO TIME. I have got to let go of these bullshit stories I’m telling myself. Thanks for joining me in this cathartic therapy. Now go write a blog post too!

    PS – There is a fly in my hotel room here at Blissdom Canada. It is making me crazy. It keeps trying to land on me – and I can’t seem to kill it. UGH. So annoying!

    About the photograph: While in California last week, my friend Keri Vaca & I took a road trip to the west and went out for a glorious 24 hours in Yosemite National Park. When she asked me where in the park I wanted to go, I knew that Glacier Point for the sunset was a must. It did not disappoint!

Do you care more about growing your business or your social media following?

Do You Care More About Growing Your Business or Your Following?

It is all about the numbers … or is it? We are all told to spend time focused on gaining as many followers on social media as we possibly can – but are you sacrificing quality for quantity? Are you just gaining numbers and not attracting your true ideal clients? Raving fans? Your TRIBE?

Do you care more about growing your business or your social media following?

What is the point of having 10,000 Instagram followers if none of them are truly cousednnecting with you?

Are you devoting time to social media that would be better spent cultivating the connections with the people who already love you?

If you are in a service based business, you can only work with a limited number of clients in a year. There is truly only so much time in the day for you to work with people. For most people, that number caps at about 200 people — so why do you need 20,000? Why do you need fans around the world?

If you have a product that you are not limited in the number that you can sell, having 200,000,000 fans & followers makes sense.

The number of followers that Anthropologie needs is very different than the number of followers that I need. Our end goals are very different. I work with a much more limited number of people.

The strategy for you needs to fit with your goals for your business.

If you are looking to connect with your customers, to get to know them, to serve them on a more personal level, how many followers do you TRULY need?

How many followers do you really need? Are you being intentional with your social media strategy? Click To Tweet

I’m not saying to ditch all social media. Just be mindful of the time you spend on it in your business. Make sure it is serving you, instead of taking over your life and your business. Be selective of what you focus on, and make sure you are attracting the people that are the ones you truly want to connect with.

It turns out that it isn’t all about the numbers after all. Growing your business matters more than growing your following.

Why Your Business Contracts must have Legal Speak to protect your business! Business Tips from Christine Tremoulet,

Why Your Business Contracts Must Have Legal Speak in Them

When I see the posts in forums and groups, they often start out the same way.
I’m starting a new business.
I know I need to have a contract.
I don’t have a lot of money to spend right now.

Then the big question… “Does anyone have a contract they can share with me?”

Often followed by a second comment, “I don’t want my contract to have a lot of legal speak in it. I don’t want to scare clients away.”

If you ever want to see me respond to a post with fists of fury, speed typing as fast as I can? Post a version of this post. I’ll try to film what happens, but no guarantee that a modern-day camera could even document it. It is THAT fast.

Why Your Business Contracts must have Legal Speak to protect your business! Business Tips from Christine Tremoulet,

Get Your Contract from a Lawyer, Not Your Peers

Let’s say you’re a wedding cake baker, and you’re asking another cake baker to share their contract with you. Did they go to law school? Did they write their own contract? Where did it come from? How do you know it is even legally binding?

You don’t. You know that she makes a bad-ass buttercream frosting, but you do not know that she knows the law. Stick to recipes here, ok?

Lawyers go through a number of classes to help them learn the exact words to use in a contract. Every. Word. Matters. Words in contracts have nuances that you and I have no clue about. (Unless you are reading this and you went to law school.) Changing those words up has an impact on you if you should ever find yourself in court with a client.

An important thing to remember – your contract doesn’t just protect you, it also protects your client. So if the wording is unclear, and a client takes you to court, it could end up protecting them MORE than it protects you, and you could lose everything. All over the spoiled buttercream frosting – you really should have stuck to getting a good recipe from that other baker.

Think I’m crazy? You can read here all about the comma that cost a company almost a million dollars: New York Times: The Comma That Costs 1 Million Dollars (Canadian).

You need to know WHERE your contract came from, and that it is a trusted source that could support you in the court of law.

You don’t want clients getting out of payments because of a loophole. Or really, any other number of things that might happen to your business. Just don’t do it. Do not ask your peers for a contract.

I know you think that you can’t afford to do it — but you also can’t afford NOT to do it and to lose it all!

Feel like you can't afford a business contract from a lawyer? This thinking could cost you MORE! Click To Tweet

Looking for a contract or legal form for your business? Rachel Brenke’s Blog Legally has you covered. If you’re a photographer? Check out her site just for you at The LawTog.

Starting with a contract from a lawyer? So much safer than trying to do it yourself and ending up in legal trouble! Rachel is a lawyer who also has her MBA and is an entrepreneur. Want to know more about her? She was a guest on the very first Business, Brilliantly podcast.

About the Legal Speak Thing in Contracts

Adding another layer to the possible mess of this whole contract situation is if you take a well worded contract and decide that it needs to not be so scary.

After all, you don’t want someone to be intimidated by all of those legal terms and not sign it, right?

I’ve already covered above the initial problem with thinking like this – it could land you in hot water and cost you a fortune if something happens and things go wrong.

There is a secondary problem here as well, looming in the background. When was the last time you purchased something that had a long contract attached and you said, “Nope! Too many legal terms. Forget it!”

Most people buy a car or a home while barely reading what the contract even says. Once you have made the decision to purchase something? The legal wording isn’t of much consequence. You might ask for explanations of paragraphs, but beyond that you just sign your name so many times your hand cramps up.

Legal speak in contracts protects you & your clients. Don't edit it in fear they won't sign. Click To Tweet

If you believe in what you are selling, you know that it is accurately priced, and that you will provide the service requested? You have nothing to fear when it comes to presenting that contract. They have already agreed to work with you, the contract is simply a formality.

I get it. Putting yourself out there is scary. Never apologize for it though, and do not fear that your contract will turn them away. Want to talk more about your business? Let me know!