The Life Boss - Episode 3: Jane Ammon

The Power of Creativity

My dear friend Jane Ammon is a listener who takes photographs. As a hearing impaired person, Jane uses the skills she needs to be able to listen deeply as her tools to make art that speaks. She believes our now is always beautiful. She lives in Eastern Pennsylvania with her husband, Erik, their two incredible kids, Conner and Madeline, and their super awesome cat, Kona.

Jane & I discuss her journey as a photographer, from focusing on sharing the joys of childish delight to helping moms embrace their creativity. She believes that children can teach us to hold on to that child-like spirit and that it will make us better people.

She has made 3 trips to Haiti over the past several years to help the people working there.

Jane pointed out that, “As an entrepreneur, the focus at the beginning of our business and what we are selling is who we are, and if we’re not putting ourselves first sometimes, then is it really what people want to buy? What people want to be a part of if we’re not living what we’re preaching, to be honest?”

This is at the core of her #ChooseYou mission. You have to put yourself FIRST.

Jane & I discussed redefining your success and how for some people? It isn’t a matter of money but instead a choice of the life that you want to have. It doesn’t have to be the traditional 9-5 hours if that doesn’t fit you.

She shared with me her tips for keeping her kids off of the computer in the summertime, along with activities that her family does in the school year to promote togetherness. We also discussed tips that we can use, as adults, to make sure we get in more creativity and less time online as well!

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Jane attributes her success as an entrepreneur to taking that time out of her day to be creative. After getting requests from a number of women for help in finding their own creativity, she has created a journaling course to help you unleash yours. You can learn more about the course she mentions in the show – and get 15% off!HERE.

You can find Jane’s website at

She is also on Social Media:
Twitter: @JaneAmmonPhoto | Facebook | Instagram: @JaneAmmonPhoto | Pinterest: @Jane_AmmonPhoto

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The Life Boss - Episode 2: Susan Schenk, Author of Beyond OK

Beyond OK: From Invisible to Invincible

Susan Schenk is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Her book Beyond OK: From Invisible to Invincible offers an insiders look into learning differently. She is passionate about helping kids and big people tap into their way of learning. She wants to change the stigma that comes with learning differently and is willing to take the stage to do this! She is also an Occupational Therapist and uses her business Technology & Tools for kids to tap into the power of technology to help kids at school.

In this episode, Susan shares with me her own vulnerable story and the experience of being “ok” in school – and how she learned to be great by adapting to her way of learning. She never believed that university would be for her, yet her journey inspired her to go beyond and attend university and become an Occupational Therapist.

Not only does Susan help children, she also helps moms uncover how to best work with their children so that they can be successful on their own terms. She offers an Invincible Mama Course for moms to learn how to support their child’s learning.

Susan & I discuss tips to help you out as an entrepreneur with your business including deciding what is the best way to keep your calendar and your to do lists. The key takeaway from Susan on this topic is to “Watch the resistance that you have.” What can you learn from it?

How can you prevent procrastination from holding you back?

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You can find Susan’s book, Beyond Ok: From Invisible to Invincible on Amazon.

Her website is available at

She is on Social Media at:
Twitter: @SusanOTKids | Facebook | Instagram: @SusanOTKids | Pinterest: @SusanOTKids

The Life Boss - Episode 1: Josh Levs

How our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families, and Businesses

My first guest on The Life Boss show is Josh Levs. Josh spent 20 years reporting for NPR, CNN, and the Voice of America. He is a motivational keynote speaker, a journalism & tech pioneer, a business consultant, a writer, and an author.

None of this touches on the roll that is most important to Josh though – being a father.

I was inspired to ask Josh to be the first guest on my show because of his moving story that resulted in his book, All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families, and Businesses–And How We Can Fix It Together. That concept of the Work-First Culture and how it fails us is such an important conversation to me.

(Want a signed copy of Josh’s book for Father’s Day, or for yourself? Visit here to get your copy.)

Josh shares his story about leaving CNN after requesting fair paternity leave, and his lawsuit with Time Warner. He has become a champion for Paid Family Leave as a result. At first, it wasn’t clear to me how this impacted someone who is self-employed, but it is critical for two reasons:

1. If your spouse or partner is not self-employed and they need to take time off to care for you or another family member, you want them to have access to Paid Family Leave;

2. If you have employees, you need to be aware of the laws around Paid Family Leave and how they apply to you as an employer.

Together, we can change the perception of modern fatherhood and create equality in the workplace for men and women.

Josh & I also talked about this video – I just love how it shows Dads in a different light. Advertising is making such great strides in correcting the view of fatherhood to be more like reality.

Other Links Mentioned in the Show

Josh spoke at the United Nations Josh on March 15, 2016, for the Women’s Empowerment Principles event. View the footage here.

Interested in attending the Dad 2.0 Summit in 2017? Tickets are limited!

You can find Josh’s website at

And on Social Media:
Twitter: @joshlevs | Facebook | Instagram: @joshlevs

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Welcome to the Show - The Life Boss Podcast, Episode 0

Episode 0 – Christine Tremoulet

Introducing my new podcast, The Life Boss! *Cheers are heard around the world!*

This show was what I originally dreamed of creating over 18 months ago — conversations with other entrepreneurs and thought leaders about the intersection of life & business.

For most entrepreneurs, where your business ends and your life begins – or vice versa – is a blurred line. You find yourself doing yoga in the morning or working late at night. Living the Laptop Lifestyle and traveling around the world with your work, or feeling as though you never get out of your house and see your friends. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, my show guests can help you out.

With actionable advice that you can take and use right away in your life and your business, my goal is to help you make the most of both.

In this first episode I talk more about the mission of the show, the topics that will be coming up in the next episodes with my guests, and introduce myself and share a bit of my own story with you.

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Do you know exactly what clients are hoping for when they contact you? This eye-opening post will help!

What Exactly Are Clients Hoping For When They Contact You?

When a client contacts you, they are hoping that you are the one.

That looks so simple, but read it again.

When a client contacts you, they are hoping that you are the one.

They want you to be the person that they will hire. The one that will solve their problems, that will fix their issues, that will bring to the table exactly what they are seeking.

They don’t want to walk away and to have to continue shopping. They want it to be YOU.

Do you know exactly what clients are hoping for when they contact you? This eye-opening post will help!

I still remember vividly the moment when Me Ra Koh shared this tidbit of wisdom with me back in 2010. We were sitting in a suite at a workshop here in Houston, and she was sharing tips on booking clients.

It blew my mind. Six years later, it still does when I stop to think about it.

When a client contacts you, they want YOU to be the one that they will choose. They want the search to be over.

Whether they email you, call you, show up at your shop, message you through social media, whatever. They want their search for the perfect person to be OVER. OV-ER.

So why is it that so many of us will tell them anything but why we are the one for them?

Most of us launch in to what we do, why we are the expert. Guess what? They already know all of those things. That is why they contacted you.

You have a business. You damn well better be the expert, otherwise they wouldn’t be hiring you.

We state the obvious. The things that they already know.

Many of us don’t ask for the sale, we don’t even try to close the deal. After all, no one wants to be pushy, right? So instead, we don’t confirm for them that we are indeed the one that they were looking for with the solution of their dreams.

Are you afraid to ask clients to work with you? Are you apologizing for your prices, for your services? For charging what you are worth?

Do you know how to tell potential clients that you are the one?

Do you share it through your website, across your social media? Is your message coming through loud and clear about why you are the only option for them?

Hint: It goes beyond what you DO and what you’re an expert in. Lots of people do that. It has everything to do with who you are. Your story. Your beliefs. What YOU bring to the table. The things that make you THE ONE.

Are they hearing your message? Or are you afraid to even speak it out loud?