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For a few years, I had a Canon G2 that served me very well. Oh, how I loved that camera. Over time, the battery wore out, and I moved up to using my Canon 20D dSLR.

Lately, I’ve longed for a small camera again. I use my iPhone from time to time for quick random photo needs (I love to snap shots of whacky things while out shopping!), but it just isn’t the same as a good point & shoot camera. Last summer while at the Elevate Workshop, I fell in love with Ann Hamilton’s tiny little Leica. We even did a movie with it! Then when we were in Germany later last summer, Mike caught me in Wurzburg with my nose against the glass as I drooled over their Leica display. I even did a price comparison on buying one while I was there! It wasn’t going to be a savings though, so I waited.

I’ve missed photo opportunities because I didn’t want to bring my “work” camera along. Between the body & lenses, both the weight of my gear and the value of it would make me leave it at home. Now where is the fun in that? I love to take pictures! I need a camera that is convenient!

While in Vegas, I came across the Leica booth. The wait was over. As I talked to them about the Leica D-Lux-3 and the top of the line glass in the camera, one of the largest sensors on the market, the ability to go completely manual (not just in exposure – but in focus too!), the ability to shoot RAW, and so much more that the guys at Samy’s Camera confirmed it all for me again, I took the plunge and came home with this beauty! I had been looking at the Canon G9 – the grown-up version of my old G2 – but after talking with the guys at Samy’s, I am confident in my decision. It may have cost just a little bit more, but for all of the features, options, the longer warranty, and everything else – I love it!

Now I just need to pick up a SD card reader so I can get the shots I took with it off of it and onto the computer! Can’t WAIT! I just wish I had had it on Sunday & Monday so I could have taken photos at the parties!

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