Miss M’s Boudoir Session – Austin, Texas


Sample shots from my recent boudoir session in Austin, Texas with the fabulous Miss M. are now online over at Boudoir Mon Cheri! (Might not be work safe.) Lots of other sessions coming up to add to the blog! Of course, I get permission for every single photo I post online, so sometimes it takes a little while longer to share the most recent sessions!

Holiday sessions are still available – be sure to check out the Holiday Specials and make someone extra happy!

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One Comment on “Miss M’s Boudoir Session – Austin, Texas

  1. Christine, it’s so great to see other wedding photographers doing great boudoir work. I very much enjoy this style of photography, and my clients love it too! In fact, I just did my own pinup shoot, and now I know why my clients love it so much: there is no better way to feel gorgeous and sexy, and then have awesome pics to show for it. 🙂

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