Miss C’s Boudoir Session – Houston, Texas Boudoir Photography

Miss C's Boudoir Session - Houston Boudoir Photographer

Miss C came in to the studio before Christmas to do a session for her soon-to-be husband. They were heading off to have a wonderful destination wedding, and she wanted to give him the perfect gift! She came with a jersey for his beloved Lakers, her wedding night lingerie, and of course we used a white sheet for some of the images as well! My favorite part though? She brought a wig along with her too! She wanted to bring out her inner Lady Gaga, and it was amazing the transformation when she put it on! We had such a great time and laughed through her whole session. (I like to think she was laughing with me as I demonstrated my smooth dance moves, and not at me! Haha!)

Now that the wedding day has passed, I get to share some of the images from our day together with you! (With her permission, of course!) Thank you again, Miss -err, now Mrs. – C! I had such a fabulous time working with you! Congratulations again!

Laker's Jersey - Boudoir Photographer Houston Houston Boudoir Photographer - Miss C

Getting Ready - Boudoir Photography Houston Studio, Hot Mama Boudoir

Hot Mama Boudoir Photography Hot Mama Boudoir Photographer Houston Texas

Hot Mama Boudoir Photography Houston, TX Hot Mama Boudoir Photography Houston, Texas

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