Congratulations to Natalie & Hoan!

It was such a joy today to photograph their wedding with Trista Lerit, who came to Houston for their wedding. It was a Vietnamese wedding, starting with a Tea Ceremony, then with a Catholic mass wedding, followed by a reception at Kim Son restaurant. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and I’ll share more photos soon!

Thank you also to Trista for letting me borrow her 100mm macro lens – it has been at the top of my lens “want” list for some time now, and today just drove that point home. It is one sweet lens!

I had noticed at the reception that the kids had little bags of treats which contained Hershey’s Kisses wrapped in colorful foil. There was a tray full of silver Kisses over by the hors d’oeuvres. I asked one of the boys for a green Kiss, since Natalie’s orchids in her bouquet were green. He wasn’t going to budge, until I offered him two of the silver Kisses for it! Ah, the things I’ll do for the shot I want!

UPDATE! Whenever I second shoot for someone else, I want them to be the first to post the people photos. Trista now has some of the highlights of Natalie & Hoan’s wedding on her blog – be sure to check them out, they are amazing! I’ll share a few of mine in the next few days!

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