Last week, during the middle of a boudoir session, my primary camera broke. By beloved 5D, which has been through over 30 weddings, nearly just as many engagement sessions, boudoir & bridal sessions, and has even travelled to several different cities and Mexico with me. It has been a good camera, and had a very long life. The mirror that is mounted inside the camera as part of the whole picture-taking-mechanism just came off the mount. I had a moment of stunned silence, then I went to my bag to get my backup camera, and I finished the shoot. My fabulous friend Kelly was kind enough to loan me her 5D for my portrait sessions the next day. (She is quite a bit of awesome like that.)

Meanwhile, I started shopping for a new (old) 5D camera. Canon has released a brand new camera, the 5D mark II, but it has been scarce and hard to get ahold of, so I was going to just get an original 5D and wait for the mark II. Then I noticed that the backorder notice at Adorama had changed yesterday. Instead of the backorder status message that had been there for weeks (I swear, I did not sabotage my beloved 5D), the new note said that they were expected to arrive any day.

The new 5D mkII is here! It is here! It is here!!!

I put in my order, expecting to have to wait at least a week or two for it to arrive. I have no patience, so I decided to kick it up to overnight shipping – once it was in route, I wanted it as fast as possible. I never dreamed that it would truly be overnight shipping though, and I would get it today! I’ve been dancing around ever since I got the UPS notice, flailing my arms in the air like Kermit and saying, “YAAAAAYYY!!!”

My old 5D is going in to Canon for repair. I’ve heard of others that have had the same thing happen, and Canon fixed it for free. Meanwhile, Sharon, Jay & I are taking the new 5DmkII out for a spin tomorrow morning for their engagement session. Oh, and did I mention that it has HD video capabilities? I haven’t read up on that feature yet, so it might not happen tomorrow, but I can’t wait to test it out too! YAAAAAYYY!!!

Updated to add: Turns out I wasn’t the only one who had the mirror come off the mount. There is now a service recall for them.

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