Once again, I’m taking my boudoir photography and going on the road – with a LOT more cities this year! Sessions are available in the following cities on the respective dates & times. Don’t see your city listed? No problem! If two or more people request a city and I can work it into my calendar, I’ll be there! Have passport, will travel!

Boudoir Photography Paris - Saint James Hotel Paris, France
April 2012
- Las Vegas, Nevada

May 2012
- Paris, France – available times: May 6th & May 7th
- London, England – available times: May 9th & May 10th
- Boston, Massachusetts – available times: May 22nd & May 25th
- New York, New York – available times: May 26th

June 2012
- Calgary, Alberta, Canada (along with Banff! Lake Louise!)

July 2012
- New Orleans, Louisiana – available times: July 27th, 28th & 29th – more details about New Orleans Boudoir Photography

August 2012
- San Francisco & the Bay Area, California
- Los Angeles & Orange County, California

October 2012
- Denver

You can Contact Me here to book your session! I can’t WAIT to see you while out on the tour!

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I am a business coach & photographer. My Superpower: Helping creative entrepreneurs grow their Confidence as they build a business based on unfiltered authenticity, using their blog and branding to become profitable. I live in Houston, Texas when I'm not traveling in my Mini Cooper. After all, Have Gear, Will Travel!
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