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I’ve been featured in other publications over the years, but I think I may be the most excited about THIS feature! This one is all about empowering women through beauty & boudoir photography, my FAVORITE topic! And look at that – the photo of me is huge!

The text is a little hard to read in this image, so I’m transcribing it below. (Unfortunately, the article is not online or else I would link to it.) My only regret is that he did not mention The Flirt Sessions – women don’t have to just wear lingerie when we work together! Regular clothes are always welcome too!

From the Ultimate Height section of the Houston Chronicle for the week of July 26-August 1, 20012, page 2:

Photographer Wants Women Empowered

By Will Livesley-O’Neill

Christine Tremoulet believes the culture of beauty is changing for the better, and she’s found a way to combine her passion for photography with this mission for a new standard of how women should look.

“There are definitely stirrings among women about things like how Photoshopped women look in magazines or the expectations of models to be extremely thin,” she said. “I want to help women see themselves in a different light.”

Tremoulet is the founder of Hot Mama Boudoir, a studio in the Heights specializing in beauty photography targeted at women. Boudoir photography is generally intimate and shot with its subjects in lingerie or other undergarments.

“(These women) are awesome and amazing, and once you get into the everyday life, you forget about that a little bit. My goal is to help women see how pretty they really are, and through that to help them feel more confident about themselves,” Tremoulet said.

Her clientele, who find her mostly through word of mouth and her website, are usually looking to use the photos from the session as gifts for their husbands or boyfriends. But they leave feeling as though the session has been a present to themselves, Tremoulet said.

Tremoulet, a former wedding photographer, studied photography in high school and college and took photos recreationally for 20 years. After selling her blog-hosting company in 2006, she saw an opportunity.

“I decided I wanted nothing more than to make a living taking photos,” she said.

As some of her wedding clients began to ask about boudoir photography, Tremoulet transitioned her business until it was exclusively glamour, beauty and boudoir shots.

“I love being albe to give this service to the women I worked with, to help these women see themselves in such a better light,” she said. “We’re just so warped by magazines and everything else out there, we have distorted views of our own bodies. Doing this helped people reclaim something about themselves.”

Thank you again to the Houston Chronicle for featuring me today!

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