I normally save posts like this one for my personal blog, but I just have to give her a shout out here — a big, huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my fabulous mentor, Regina! Last year, I attended the Elevate 2 workshop hosted by Garrett Nudd and Regina & I were the only two “single” female attendees there. (I’m not single, but Mike didn’t attend. All the other women had roommates.) We talked on the phone beforehand and made arrangements to split a hotel room during our time in Orlando.

Once we left the workshop, I adopted her as my mentor. Ever since, I think I’ve talked to her at least once a week if not more – sometimes daily! She has been such a HUGE influence on my business, and on my photography, and she has helped me grow as a person – I just can’t possibly say enough good things about her.

I only wish that I lived a bit closer to Asheville, North Carolina so I could see her more often! I had fun shooting Nathalie & Joe’s wedding with her last fall, and I hope to make it up there again sometime this year for another one! We also got to spend time together at WPPI this year, and now we’re making plans for a fabulous workshop later this year in Mexico! Whee!

Thank you for everything, Regina. You truly are the best! Happy Birthday! (And if you’re in Asheville, be sure to look her up – you can not possibly go wrong with her INCREDIBLE work!)

Update: I forgot to mention it before, but Regina? She ALWAYS gives really good advice.

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