Love in the Caribbean

Elaine & I are in Belize this week for a wedding – the island of Caye Caulker, to be exact. Today we went with the wedding party out on a snorkeling adventure with Ras Creek — we swam with the stingrays and lots of fish, saw beautiful coral, the world’s 2nd largest barrier reef, and just enjoyed a slow day out on the water. It was FABULOUS! Elaine took the photo above – I didn’t take my camera out on the water with us.

I had brought my laptop with me for this trip, with the intention of getting a variety of things done at night, but my laptop had its very own plans. When I arrived yesterday, I discovered that it will boot up, but the monitor display won’t come on at all. Eep! But Elaine has her computer (which is what I’m typing on right now) and we back our files up to external hard drives, so I can do that while we’re here without any problems. I just can’t do anything else, at least not easily. Mike has already set up my Apple Genius Bar appointment for Saturday!

So my computer time is limited, but the Caribbean breeze is blowing, the hammock is swaying, and there is a wedding – life is indeed good!

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