Hello, lovely ladies! I just had to share this with you! My friend Rebecca over at Lady Grace Academy just sent out an email today that I had to share with you! Now that you have your sexy boudoir photos to share with your sweetie, why not top off Valentine’s Day with a little lap dance?! (Just imagine me doing that coquettish “oh!” expression with my hand over my mouth and a little wink!)

The class is this Thursday, February 10 from 8:35-10:00pm. Cost is $35. All of the details are below, and you can go here to sign up! Be sure to check out all of her other classes too!

Lady Grace Academy - Valentine's Fever Lap Dance!

I’m not affiliated with Lady Grace Academy, and I wasn’t paid to write this post. I just think that Rebecca is awesome, and her classes are a whole lot of fun, so I wanted to share this with you! If you go, I can’t wait to hear all about it – or maybe you can incorporate some of your new moves into our next photo shoot?

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