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I love flowers. I adore flowers. (I’m also totally allergic to most flowers, but that doesn’t stop me from admiring their beauty.) I love to photograph flowers. I just like exploring the angles, the way the light plays with them. As you can imagine, I love to be surrounded by them at weddings. It gives me an excuse to take a zillion photos of the flowers!

As I’ve been going through all of our 2009 weddings and getting things ready for my upcoming blog post extravaganza, I decided that I’m going to take some time to feature different vendors that we’ve worked with that I highly recommend. I sort of have this thing about posting everything in the order that we shot it, but I realized that if I did that, it would take a long time to post about the most recent weddings. So I decided to start with September – December, tossing in some of the most current stuff along the way, and then go back to the beginning of the year. As you can see from our wedding list, I’ve got a lot of ground to cover!

First up – Lisa & her team from Petals by Design, fantastic florists here in Houston Elaine & I were able to work with Lisa at Dana & Kievin’s wedding, and her flowers were just incredible! Dana wanted a vintage feel to their wedding, and the flowers added so much to that! I love how the brought in such rich color and texture to the day. Everywhere I looked, there were so many gorgeous flowers!

I thought it was so sweet that Dana found a small photo frame to place a photo of her father and her grandmother in, and had that and a rosary around the base of her bouquet. The photos were a great way to pay tribute to her father’s and her grandmother’s memories.

Here are just a few of the many photos of the flowers from Dana & Kievin’s wedding — I’ll be posting more of the wedding photos on Wednesday, but for now I wanted to share Lisa’s beautiful work! The flowers were just incredible – and so is Lisa! I can’t say enough good things about her – she is just a fun person to be around! If you’re looking for a florist for your upcoming wedding or reception, be sure to let her know!

Church: St. Mary’s Catholic Church – Houston, Texas
Reception: Sambuca – Downtown, Houston, Texas
Flowers: Petals by Design

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