Application of Henna - Muslim Wedding Houston

Elaine & I went to Farhana’s parent’s house on Thursday night to see her henna being applied by the fabulous Soniya of The Original Henna Company. It was so cool to watch Soniya work, and she was so fast!

While the henna is fresh it is raised and textured – Elaine & I were having fun photographing that! Eventually it dries and flakes off, but the color is left behind. It is so beautiful!

Henna application for Mendhi and Nikah

Last night was the Mendhi ceremony, tonight is the Nikah (wedding) ceremony, and then tomorrow night is the reception. So many customs, so much color! I can’t wait to share photos from the rest of the weekend!

Soniya placed Javad’s name in the artwork on Farhana’s left hand – here you can see her adding the J. I know where all the letters are – hopefully Javad can find them tonight!


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