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A few weeks ago when I photographed Melissa & Brandon’s engagement session, Elaine came along with us and brought her TTV cameras. TTV stands for Through The Viewfinder, and she uses old cameras that have a viewfinder on top of the camera (like a Brownie camera); she has set up with a tube on top so that she can photograph through them. I’ve featured some of her photos here before when I posted about Sydney & Chris’s wedding. I just love how they come out! They are just something so different because of the flaws and unique character of each of the cameras that she uses.

One of the quirks about creating TTVs is that you need sunlight – she is only able to do them outside. This will be perfect for Melissa & Brandon’s wedding in Belize in just over a week, so hopefully she’ll create more of them down there. Meanwhile, I have plans to bring my Holga along for some other fun shots!

These are some of our favorites from the day! All photos by Elaine Mesker-Garcia.

Elaine's TTV - Engagement Photography in the Heights

Melissa & Brandon Engagement Session

Melissa & Brandon Engagement Houston

On a side note – hopefully the blog is fixed now. We think someone hacked into it, especially since I had several people tell me that they were getting weird code in the RSS feed. If you see anything odd, let me know!

Now that it is fixed, the daily blogging will resume tomorrow with my return to Houston!

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