With the changes here on the blog back at the beginning of the year, I started changing all of my packaging and marketing materials as well to coordinate more with the studio and the blog design. One thing that has been really important to me is keeping things as environmentally friendly as possible. For example, my new DVD cases are 100% Recycled -and- Recyclable!

I realized that it was time to look for some eco-friendly alternatives for wedding albums, and I’m so happy to announce these new additions to the album lineup of what I offer! The first addition is the White Glove First Edition Album’s Eco-Friendly Wedding Books! I got my hands on these at WPPI, and they are fabulous! I first fell in love with the White Glove First Edition Albums when I won one back in 2007 at Corey McNabb’s workshop that year, and so I was super excited to learn about how earth friendly these are as I talked with Lawrence Crandall this year. From their website:

Our cover board is FSC certified recycled, acid free, lignin free and chlorine free. Our glue is non toxic, non hazardous, acid free and biodegradable. The pages are made of solvent free aqueous pigment inks printed on PEFC certified paper. Our acid free book cloth is a cotton/linen mix. It is produced from natural fibers which are sustainably harvested.

Some of our paper covers are made of natural Mulberry paper, made in Northern Thailand. The bark is naturally and sustainably peeled from the trunk of the Mulberry tree. The paper is lignin free, recyclable, PH neutral and uses all natural dyes. The handcrafted papers are laid in the sun to dry, a technique perfected by the worker’s ancestors 600 years ago in the mountains of Thailand.

Other paper covers are made of dried Pineapple leaves, a process which creates an earth friendly product out of leaves. Mulberry fibers are added to give these papers strength and beauty.

Our bonded leather is made from tannery leather fibers, which otherwise would go to a landfill.

The best part? White Glove has been producing quality wedding books for professional photographers for over 12 years. Each hand crafted book includes gutter-free lay flat pages, a certificate of Environmental Stewardship and a lifetime guarantee.

I have the sample cover materials at the studio now for you to check out — I am *so* excited about these books! I can’t wait to share them with you! The prices for these albums will be included on our new pricelist, coming soon!

Photos in the post from Leti & Ben’s Engagement session in Galveston, Texas – thank you to Laura Burlton for letting me tag along last year for their session! We had such a blast exploring the beach an the Strand!

Leti & Ben - Engagement Session in Galveston, Texas

Engagement Session Galveston Texas

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