Congratulations, Liz & Dave!

Congratulations, Liz & Dave! They were married yesterday in Galveston, Texas at the St. Joseph’s Church Museum, with a reception at Garten Verein in Galveston. Both venues are part of the Galveston’s Historical Society, and I just love them both! I love St. Joseph’s so much, but I’m biased – I was married there myself back in 2004!

The Bride & The Knitted Veil

Liz & I have known each other for some time as we are both knitters. Last year, Liz blogged about the fact that she was actually knitting her own wedding veil – and it came out AMAZING! It looked so wonderful, and was just perfect for her. We took this shot just for the knitters over on Ravelry! You can read more about the veil over on her blog.

Not only did she knit her veil, she also made her earrings and bracelet to coordinate with the earrings that Dave gave her a few years ago.

Her wedding dress has a story too – it was made from the skirt of her grandmother’s wedding dress, a dress which was also worn by her mother and two of her aunts. How cool is that?

The Happy Couple

Congratulations to the two of you! Hope you have a fabulous time on your honeymoon! Relax & enjoy it!

If you want to check them out, I posted some of the photos from their engagement session at Texas A&M too.

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