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Happy Father’s Day!

I have to confess, some of my favorite moments at weddings involved the dads – they are always so proud of their children on their wedding day. It is cliche┬┤ for a reason, after all!

So this is my own little tribute to all the Dads out there that have made the weddings I’ve had the honor of photographing over the past 5 years so special. These are just a few of my personal favorites – there are so many more than one blog post could contain!

April’s Dad’s reaction as he saw her for the first time, all dressed and ready to go see her groom. The one below is also of her with her father – that light in Las Vegas still makes me swoon.

Kelly’s dad helping her check to make sure that everything is perfect before they left the bride’s room to head down the aisle at The Bell Tower on 34th here in Houston.

Catherine & her Dad were both emotional as we waited outside the church at her wedding in Brenham, Texas. The photo below is immediately after the ceremony, as Richard gave her a hug, her proud Dad watched. (This moment may have made me mist up a little too.) There was so much joy & love in that room!

Melinda & I share a middle name and great taste in wedding venues, as her wedding was at the St. Joseph Church Museum and her reception was at the Tremont House in Galveston, Texas – the same as mine! I loved the laughter between her and her Dad as they were about to head down the aisle!

EricaLynn and her Dad during her first dance on the lawn of the Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda. I don’t think EricaLynn could stop laughing – her Dad is such a ham! That was an incredible night!

Lauren & her parents – don’t worry, I love the Moms too! – in one of the sweetest moments. They were just so happy! This was at their house before we headed to Christ the Good Shepherd for the wedding, and The Woodlands Resort for the reception.

In the photo above, you can see Tiffany off in the background — she is Lauren’s big sister. Her Dad was so excited to see her too on her wedding day! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this family!

Kelly’s Dad as he sees her for the first time – the happiness just radiated! Kelly is Lauren & Tiffany’s cousin (their moms are sisters), and I photographed Kelly’s wedding first. It has been so special getting to photograph three weddings in the same family – Kelly, Tiffany & Lauren – and really seeing the great love this family has for one another!

It isn’t all about the brides & their father’s though – the grooms love their dads as well! Ryan’s dad was his best man for his wedding day – I think it is so sweet when I see that! (I’ve had a few Dads stand as the best man over the years!) The bonds in this family have been tested and definitely run deep!

The Dad that sparked the idea for this post to begin with. Sydney posted a photo on Facebook earlier today of her father holding her when she was just a baby, and it immediately made me remember how emotional he was just a bit before they were going to head down the aisle for her to marry Chris. It was such a moving moment, I actually put down my camera after this frame and walked away, leaving the two of them alone.

Ah, Dante┬┤ & Lauren’s wedding – or as I’ve referred to it over the years, the Emergency Wedding. I had just met Lauren 10 minutes earlier, and she had been so calm. But just as they were about to walk down the aisle, the nerves hit her. Her Dad is blowing in her face to calm her down (and to make her laugh!) and so she was blowing back!

It was so fun going through these weddings to pull these photos – I wish I had time to go through every wedding I’ve photographed and relive all of the memories! They all make me so happy. I love a wedding day!

Wish Upon a Wedding Announcements!

Two years ago I was attending a Houston wedding vendor luncheon where Sasha Souza was speaking. She mentioned a new non-profit that was being formed called Wish Upon a Wedding, with the purpose of granting wedding wishes for couples facing terminal illness or special circumstances. I thought it was such an amazing concept, I signed up to be a Wish Granter then & there, on my phone, during lunch. Houston didn’t even have a chapter yet.

One year ago I was contacted by the Houston Chapter of Wish Upon a Wedding and asked if I would be a Wish Granter for Alexis & Christian’s Wedding. OMG YES!!! I didn’t hesitate for even a second before I responded that I would be honored to be a part of making their wedding come true.

What an amazing day it was — and I am so grateful that Wish Upon a Wedding brought us all together, because they are some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. You may have seen them riding around town on their scooters, kissing whenever they come to a stop light. Cutest thing EVER! (You can see more of their engagement session here.)

Shortly after Alexis & Christian’s wedding, I saw that the Houston Chapter was looking for board members, and as I looked through the openings I knew which one was right for me. I signed up to be the Marketing Chair, and after being reviewed by the national and Houston level, I was offered & accepted the position in February of this year. Being on the inside, I’m more committed than ever to see this fabulous group go as far as possible!

If you or someone you know in Houston is facing a terminal illness or has a special circumstance which fits the criteria on the site, please apply for consideration of your wedding wish! There is an application process & it is then considered and reviewed. We need your help getting the word out that this exists for people! Wedding Wishes take all forms and sizes, and all of the details are on the Wish Upon a Wedding site.

If you’re a wedding vendor in the Houston area and would like to volunteer, there are opportunities to help with the various committees and board positions in the chapter and you are also welcome to apply to be a Wish Granter. We need you!

Last but not least, we have several fundraisers throughout the year to help defray costs for granting wishes, and this is where ALL of you come in! I’ll be announcing when all the details for the annual gala are ready, but this week you can join us for the Second Annual Tacky Wedding Pub Crawl – here in the Heights! Thursday, April 12th from 5:30-8:30pm we will be going from pub to pub on White Oak, dressed (or not) in our tacky wedding finest! It is going to be a GREAT time, and all the money goes to this amazing cause! Get your tickets HERE for $10/person if you book by 2pm on Thursday, and $20 at the door. Can’t WAIT to see you there!

Houston Wedding Photography – The Best of 2011 – The Second Quarter

While working on this post, it was fun looking back on all the changes that the second quarter of 2011 brought to both my business and my family! While all of 2011 was amazing, this is when it really kicked in to high gear!

April started off with Ashley & Jess’s wedding at Tiny Boxwoods. It was such a perfect venue for this gorgeous day! They chose the location because it was where they first met – Jess works there, and Ashley came in with her mother one day – and the rest is history! I love it when fate brings two wonderful people together like that! Thank you again to Meghan, one of my former clients, for referring Ashley to me – I enjoyed working with them so much!

Kandace & Clayton were married at Kemah Gardens, an absolutely charming Bed & Breakfast in Kemah, Texas – just south of Houston. Kandace is friends with two of my past brides, Kara & Melissa, so when they found out she was looking for a wedding photographer they sent her right to me! I love working with clients who are friends of past clients – it somehow just makes everything so much more fun, especially seeing the couples I’ve worked with over the years there at the wedding.

Kandace & Clayton’s whole day was just so full of love – you could sense how much they mean to their family & friends. Whenever Kandace was near, Clayton would just light up! It was beautiful!

This moment cracked me up – I had gone out of the bridal room to check in on things, and when I came back in I found Kandace and her brother peeking out the window to watch the bridesmaids going down the aisle. It was so cute!

I always love that moment when the groom first sees the bride walking down the aisle!

Nicole & Jack met because of the Heights when their realtor introduced them while Nicole was house hunting in the neighborhood. Meeting in the Heights, they wanted to incorporate our neighborhood in to their wedding as much as possible — we did their engagement session on 19th Street, and their wedding was at All Saints Catholic Church – my church now, only 3 blocks from my house! It is one of my favorite Catholic Churches in Houston, a historic church with the most beautiful interior! Their reception afterwards took place at the Intercontinental Hotel, and they had the coolest antique car ever take them from one venue to the other!

I wasn’t the only one taking a lot of photographs of Nicole & Jack with that amazing antique car!

The Intercontinental Hotel is so stunning, day or night! The grounds were so lovely, and the ballroom was beautiful!

The party was a good one, and the band, BackBeat had everyone dancing all night and eventually up on the stage with them! I love live music at a wedding.

A few weeks after Nicole & Jack’s wedding Mike & I closed on our 1920 Bungalow in the Heights, and we also moved my studio in to the new space on Heights Boulevard. 8 blocks from the house. I love working in the gorgeous old Victorian! Not only for meeting with my wedding clients, but for boudoir sessions as well. It is fabulous!

This was the quarter that everything changed. My dream of over 20 years of moving to the Heights in addition to having my studio here is a reality now. I’m so grateful to be living in the Heights now, and I love Houston more than ever now!

Houston Wedding Photography – The Best of 2011 – The First Quarter

2011 was a year full of wonderful Houston wedding photography that I was so very honored to document! When I realized that I just couldn’t fit everything I loved about 2011 into one post, I decided to break it up into several pieces. So now that Elaine & I have welcomed in 2012 with another New Year’s Eve wedding in Weimar, Texas with the fabulous Jill & Rick, I wanted to share some of my favorites from last year!

Here we go with January, February and March 2011! This quarter was filled with couples having destination weddings – in Houston! They almost all came to us – quite unusual! I still traveled a lot though, with Imaging USA in San Antonio, WPPI in Las Vegas – which included one of my destination weddings of 2011, and SXSW Interactive in Austin.

We started off 2011 with a Houston New Year’s Eve wedding ceremony & reception at the Houstonian Hotel. Cheryl & Dev live in Chicago, but returned to Houston for their colorful Indian + American wedding since Dev’s family lives here. Bonus? A nice escape from the Chicago winter! Their wedding was such a HUGE celebration, and with DJ Yogi-G spinning the music? It was quite possibly one of the best parties I’ve been to all year! His confetti canon that went off at midnight was so fabulous!

Next up was Lan & Herman’s Houston wedding. They live in Dallas now, but returned here for their wedding because Lan’s family is here. I have add that I adore weddings full of cultural traditions! They started their day off that morning with a tea ceremony at Lan’s parents’ house, where Elaine & I were immediately made to feel like part of the family as well.

After the tea ceremony, Lan and her sisters shared with us the story of how her parents met in VietNam, and how Lan’s father escaped Saigon after the fall of the city. It was so fascinating to me to hear history – things normally left to reading in books or on the news – first-hand.

We headed in to downtown for their wedding ceremony at the Houston Co-Cathedral of Sacred Heart where Lan changed into her wedding dress. Her father was so proud to be escorting her down the aisle!

My love of traditions and the meaning behind them probably came from growing up in the Catholic church. I adore a wedding mass and everything involved – so it was great that we had many Catholic weddings this year!

After the ceremony was over and we took some portraits around the Co-Cathedral, we headed to the Omni Hotel in Houston for more portraits followed by their reception which lasted well into the night!

Kelly & Sean planned their elopement around my arrival in Las Vegas for WPPI. Talk about making me feel special! I got to have a hand in helping to plan this one! Kelly is one of my closest friends in addition to being one of my associate photographers, and she & Sean decided to do something a little unconventional. After some brainstorming, we set up a Flash Flashmob wedding on the Las Vegas strip in front of the Bellagio Hotel! With 15 photographers or so as their witnesses (we were all there for WPPI), we met an officiant there in front of the world-famous Bellagio fountains where he performed a 2 minute and 12 second long ceremony! That has to be a record for the shortest wedding ceremony I’ve ever photographed! It was so much fun – and we gathered quite the crowd as people walking by stopped to watch it too!

Seconds into the ceremony, and already a crowd was gathering, cell phones out, snapping away right along with all the wedding pros! (That is Luis Godinez there on the right, Dustin Izatt in the middle, and Corey Ann just to the left of him.)

Kelly was super excited to put on Sean’s ring – her look of joy just cracked me up!

After the kiss, the crowd applauded! It was so awesome. Love makes people so happy. We took some time to take some photos with the next fountain show at the Bellagio and then headed back to our waiting limo, where Kelly & Sean made some new friends along the way!

It was wonderful spending the day with Lauren & Isaiah’s families — I photographed Lauren’s cousin’s Kelly’s marriage to Ted in October 2009 at Holy Rosary, and Lauren’s sister Tiffany’s marriage to Romeo on New Year’s Eve 2009, so it makes the day so fun when you already know all the parents, aunts & uncles there! (I was told that I’ve been officially made part of the family now – I’ll take that! They are the best!) Another Catholic Mass wedding, this time at Christ the Good Shepherd Catholic Church, with the reception afterwards at The Woodlands Resort.

This moment, completely unplanned, not set up or anything else, might be one of my favorites of the year. If I had to pick 10 photos only (which would be torture for me because I love so many), this would definitely make it. I can just feel the love & emotion every time I look at it.

Kate had contacted me months before their wedding, but when their wedding date changed due to a family member’s illness, I was so sad to learn that it fell on the same day as Lauren & Isaiah’s wedding. Since I was not available, they booked my associate photographer Kelly, and she did a wonderful job of documenting the day! (I still got to have all the fun of our engagement session beforehand!) Here are just a few of the ones that Kelly took of their wedding commitment ceremony & reception at Bethel United Church of Christ that I love!

The last wedding of the first quarter of 2011 was Michelle & Robert’s wonderful affair at the Sweetwater Country Club in Sugarland, and it was one where they pulled out all the stops! Planned by Pam of For Your Memories, the day was smooth as could be, and so much fun! Elaine & I could just sense the love surrounding the two of them all day, from their parents, their families and their friends. Quite the celebration! To top it all off, the decorations and flowers by Darryl & Co. were so gorgeous!

With having photographed over 100 weddings in Houston alone, I am still surprised that it took me this long to photograph one where the officiant was Minister Brian Engle, the same person that married my husband Mike & I back in 2004 in Galveston! It was a great surprise to see him there, and he did a fantastic job!

Michelle & Robert also had a multicultural ceremony – a second one immediately followed the first, full of beautiful chanting. They used the same chairs that Michelle’s parents used when they were married years ago.

After the ceremonies, they ate, drank, laughed & danced the night away!

It was so fun putting this post together and remembering the first quarter of 2011, I can’t WAIT to share more of my photographs from throughout the year! Check back soon for more!

Newly engaged and interested in having me be your wedding photographer? I would LOVE to work with you! Contact me here!

Bermuda Destination Wedding Photography – EricaLynn & Stephen (Part 3)

At last! At last! The moment had arrived for EricaLynn & Stephen’s destination wedding in Bermuda at the Fairmont Southampton! Kelly & I had checked out the property in advance, and had selected the perfect place for the reveal that EricaLynn & Stephen had chosen to do.

What is the reveal? We take the groom off to a photogenic location, have him face away from the path, and then the bride walks up to him and he turns around to see her for the first time! I know, some people worry that it takes all the magic away from seeing her walk down the aisle to him – but it really doesn’t. Instead it gives them a chance to have some private alone time, an opportunity for him to tell her how gorgeous she looks, for the nerves to settle down. I never pressure people in to doing it (my husband didn’t see me before our wedding), but I have to confess that I love it when they do.

Doing a reveal then meant that we had more time for portraits before the ceremony as well!

Since the wedding was in Bermuda, which is part of the United Kingdom, EricaLynn, Stephen, and their witnesses all signed the registry and the marriage certificate – just like Ann & Karl’s destination wedding in Bristol, England.

Click here to view part 1 (Bermuda & the Rehearsal Cocktail Reception), and click here to view part 2 (the beach and getting ready) of EricaLynn & Stephen’s Bermuda Destination Wedding photographs! I can’t wait to share more from the reception!

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