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Recent Announcements – Newborn Baby Photography!

A lot has been developing around here, and I’ve been so busy behind the scenes and with sessions, I haven’t been updating the blog! I’m getting some pretty big posts ready though, so be sure to check back next week!

Meanwhile, I wanted to share our most recent Newborn client. Isn’t she just the most precious baby? These are the birth announcements that we created just for her, and I just had to share them with you as well! (All names have been changed from what they are on the final announcements, just in case you were wondering!) The image on the left is the front of the card, and one on the right is the back.

Plan to see a lot more of her over the next year, because she is one of our first Life Session clients! Back in 2006, I photographed a lot of newborns, but then things got busy and I started doing it by request only. Recently, I realized just how much I missed working with infants, and as a lot of our past boudoir & wedding clients are having babies, it seemed like the perfect time to start doing first year collections again! I’ll be posting more about them over the next few weeks – but for now, I’ll just point out that they aren’t by request only anymore!

I forgot just how incredibly sweet a 7 day old baby was until I spent the afternoon with Baby Pearl & her family. Love! I’ll be sharing more from her session soon!

Interested in a Life Session for your family or custom Newborn birth announcements? Let us know!

New Orleans Photography with Erin, Danny, Nancy & Mike!

Erin & Danny in New Orleans

Back in August I helped host a meet-up in New Orleans, Louisiana with 20-30 other photographers. We decided that it would be fun to photograph at the end of the day, so we asked Brittany’s sister, Erin, if she would be willing to come out and model for us and if she had any friends that would join us. Erin & her husband Danny came out to model for us, along with their friends Nancy & Mike. We had such a great time!

Ryan Brenizer showed us how he does his cool “Brenizer Method” in person, which was super cool to watch! As the sun set, we played with video lights and experimented with all sorts of other things! It is always great to have new tricks in our photography arsenal!

Thanks again to Erin, Nancy, Danny & Mike for coming out to model for us! I know it was hot, and it is a lot of pressure to have, oh, I don’t know, 20 cameras all pointed at you at once, but you were seriously troopers and we had a ton of fun!

Erin - New Orleans Photography Erin & Danny - New Orleans Couples Photography

Nancy's Shoes - Couples Photography in New Orleans, LA Nancy & Mike - New Orleans Couples Photography

Erin & Danny Dancing in the Streets New Orleans Erin & Danny Dancing in the Streets New Orleans

Mike, Nancy, Erin & Danny

Nancy & Erin

Nancy & Mike Erin & Danny

Nancy & Mike - New Orleans LA Photography

Danny & Erin - New Orleans, LA

It is always so much fun working with couples after they are married – I don’t think enough couples have photos of just the two of them! Anniversaries are the perfect excuse for a couple’s session! Contact me if you would like to set up a session!

Tish & Brian – Couples Photography in Houston, Texas

Tish & Brian

When Dane Sanders was here for the Fast Track Photographer Workshop, I went to some of my past clients to find a couple that was willing to volunteer to pose for us for our photo shoot. Tish & Brian came out to work with us, and … well, I wonder if they expected to have 15 people pointing cameras at them all at once for nearly 2 hours? It looked a lot like this:

Tish & Brian with their Paparazzi Dane Photographing Tish & Brian

Tish & Brian being photographed by Chad

Tish may look familiar because she was my very first boudoir client last year, but by the time I met her she & Brian had already hired their wedding photographer and I was already photographing a different wedding that weekend as well. I was so excited to get a chance to meet and work with Brian too! Perfect timing just before their one year anniversary!

They were great to work with and so willing to put up with all of our crazy requests – and we got tons of GREAT photos of them! I’m so glad they came out to work with us! We had such a great time! Thank you also to Jennifer Aronson for coming out to do the makeup for us as well!

Here are some of my favorites from the day!

Tish & Brian's Couple's Session Tish & Brian

Tish & Brian Anniversary Session

11th St Cafe - Tish & Brian Tish & Brian in the Alley

Tish & Brian with the Sun Tish & Brian

Tish & Brian Tish & Brian at the Window

Doorway Love

Walking Snuggle

Meet Miss Charlotte! – Houston Newborn Photography


Sweet, sweet Charlotte was born at the end of April, and for her 8th day I came to visit for a photo session at her house. She was just the sweetest, tiniest little thing! Ok, my own son was 8lb 10oz at birth, and Charlotte was just over 7lb when she was born, and had lost weight by the time I saw her – so for me, she was really small! I am so glad that Emily & Michael let me have a chance to come and play with her! I like to do newborn sessions at the baby’s home so that the parents don’t need to go out for the shoot, we can use things they have in their home as props to personalize the session, and we minimize the baby’s exposure to getting sick. Considering the week of our session was also the week that Sw*ne Flu had taken over the media airwaves of Houston and the nation, a home visit was especially wise!

You might recognize Charlotte’s Mom, Emily, from our boudoir session last fall, when she was 6 weeks pregnant and wanted to capture her pre-baby figure, or our maternity session earlier this year!

I had a really hard time narrowing down my favorites from this session, as it has been awhile since I had a newborn in front of my camera. They really are so much fun to photograph! All those folds, wrinkles, baby soft skin – what a joy! I will gladly photograph a newborn any day of the week!

Newborn Baby Charlotte - Houston Photographer

Charlotte - Houston Newborn Photographer

Charlotte - Houston Newborn Photography

Charlotte Newborn Baby Photographs

Charlotte - Houston Newborn Baby

Charlotte Newborn Baby Houston Photography

Emily had those wings from a session she had done some time back for a family member of her own – aren’t they just the cutest thing?

Charlotte Newborn Baby Photography Houston


Charlotte and Emily Newborn and Maternity Photography Houston

Charlotte in Michael's Hand


Taylor – Senior Photography in Houston, Texas


I decided at the beginning of 2009 as I looked over my goals for the year that I wanted to start doing more senior portrait sessions — along with more boudoir, maternity and newborn sessions and of course weddings! It is interesting how one style of photography blends into the other, and yet they are all different too. They are just so much fun for me for a variety of different reasons. Getting to capture the personalities of the teens at their senior sessions is the best! Plus who wants studio photos just like everyone else’s shots, when you can have something uniquely your own?

I decided to recruit Senior Ambassadors to help me spread the word. My Ambassadors get a lot of really cool stuff, including free sessions, discounts on prints, albums and products, bonuses for referrals, and coupons to give out to their friends. Best part? They get to do TWO fun sessions with me! (*I am still looking for Ambassadors for schools around Houston. Contact me for details on how to apply!)

Taylor - Senior Photography

Taylor and his Guitar

Taylor - Senior Portrait Photography in Houston

Taylor - Senior Portrait Session in Houston, Texas

Taylor and the Scary Chair

I wanted the senior version of my favorite ring shot.
The Ring

A year or two ago I met Tracey, Taylor’s mom. As we talked, we discovered we had sons that are the same age — and the we realized that not only are they the same age, they go to the same school! I was at her house one night talking about my plans for senior photography, and the rest of it just came together. Tracy was at the shoot with us, so I wanted to be sure to get a photo of the two of them together.

Taylor & Tracey

Thank you again to both of them for such a fun session, and to Taylor’s friends Katie and Lucy for joining us as well – more photos of them to come!

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