The Photographer's Planner from Colorvale - My Review

The Photographer’s Planner from Colorvale – a Review

I will be the first to admit it – I am a total paper junkie. I love planners. Back in December, I found myself in a store holding no less than 4 planners at once, wanting to buy… Read More

Black Friday Sale List

Black Friday Deals for Photographers & Creative Entrepreneurs – 2015

It is that time of year again! Black Friday – my favorite! Especially because we can shop ONLINE and avoid the crowds in the stores, all while getting great deals on things we need for our business! How… Read More

Vivid & Brave and Transformations

Transformations: 1 Year Later

Tomorrow, Vivid & Brave turns 1. Back in July of 2013, Stephanie and I traveled to ¬†Denver, Colorado to act as mentors at a workshop there. For awhile, we’d been talking about so many things – the future,… Read More

Are Your Boudoir Client's Photographs Safe & Secure Online?

Have Your Online Galleries Been Hacked?

Today in one of the boudoir forums that I frequent, a member posted about her discovery that there was a forum for voyeurs who were hacking their way in to boudoir galleries online. They weren’t stopping at boudoir… Read More