The Photographer's Planner from Colorvale - My Review

The Photographer’s Planner from Colorvale – a Review

I will be the first to admit it – I am a total paper junkie. I love planners. Back in December, I found myself in a store holding no less than 4 planners at once, wanting to buy… Read More

Black Friday Sale List

Black Friday Deals for Photographers & Creative Entrepreneurs – 2015

It is that time of year again! Black Friday – my favorite! Especially because we can shop ONLINE and avoid the crowds in the stores, all while getting great deals on things we need for our business! How… Read More

Vivid & Brave and Transformations

Transformations: 1 Year Later

Tomorrow, Vivid & Brave turns 1. Back in July of 2013, Stephanie and I traveled to ¬†Denver, Colorado to act as mentors at a workshop there. For awhile, we’d been talking about so many things – the future,… Read More

Are Your Boudoir Client's Photographs Safe & Secure Online?

Have Your Online Galleries Been Hacked?

Today in one of the boudoir forums that I frequent, a member posted about her discovery that there was a forum for voyeurs who were hacking their way in to boudoir galleries online. They weren’t stopping at boudoir… Read More

On Giving Your Photography Clients Copyright

Photographers! Stop the madness! Over and over, I see pricelists where people say that their clients get the copyright with their DVD of photographs / digital negatives / high-resolution negatives. No, no, no, no! You are NOT giving… Read More