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Transformations: 1 Year Later

Transformations: 1 Year Later

Vivid & Brave and Transformations

Tomorrow, Vivid & Brave turns 1.

Back in July of 2013, Stephanie and I traveled to  Denver, Colorado to act as mentors at a workshop there. For awhile, we’d been talking about so many things – the future, how our transition from photography to coaching would go, what the best path to take would be. And it was on that trip that the seeds for Vivid & Brave were planted. We discussed endlessly, and wrote the outline of the 12 week program in the car, Stephanie at the wheel, me writing, as we drove up to Breckenridge after the workshop for a quick moment in the mountains – for some fresh air.

When you launch a company with someone who lives almost as far away from you as someone can get without leaving the continent, this is how it looks, the story taking place on multiple pins on the map. Our program was sketched out in Colorado, and written on Stephanie’s kitchen table in Calgary a month later. We got tattoos the day after launch day, in Okotoks, a town just south of Calgary, and came together in January in Houston to create a three hour workshop. Since we launched, we’ve been together in 9 cities, two countries. We’ve had the privilege of speaking to dozens of amazing people. We’ve written workshop slides over dinner in Galveston and hung out in the ER in South Carolina. It’s been an adventure.

When we first started, we knew one thing was for sure: we wanted to work with women in transition. Women who were experiencing changes in their lives, and who were searching for who they were, what their purpose was. We ourselves were there, in post transition worlds, on journeys to becoming more fully ourselves. We knew the women we wanted to work with were just like us: creative, deeply introspective, driven, passionate. They wanted to live the life we would find ourselves living – making our dreams come true, shifting and changing to find the best fit for the lives we wanted, denting the universe.

Our first year in business has been so many things: exhilarating, frustrating, inspiring. There were days we were ready to throw in the towel, where we weren’t sure where we were going, and days we were certain we just needed to keep moving forward, keep hustling. We built a vocabulary around our community, a manifesto, we sharpened our focus. Some times we fought. More than a few times we cried. We laughed really, really hard. We logged a whole lot of miles, on the ground, and in the air. We sent more than 22,000 Facebook messages to each other.

And we’ve gotten the honor of watching our clients unfold. Step into themselves. Refind what they thought they had lost. We’ve hugged a lot of people and given out a lot of buttons. We shared as much inspiration and advice and love as we could muster. We got to be part of people’s breakdowns and breakthroughs. We’ve done a lot of happy dances for our clients, who have become our friends. We’ve written more 100 journal prompts to help others open their hearts to their own personal clarity.

I’ve been putting off sharing this blog post. Because I know how it ends. It is with both a heavy heart and an eager one that I have to tell you all what’s next for Vivid & Brave, and for Stephanie and me.

I have made the decision to pursue other projects, and so I will be moving on from Vivid & Brave. You’ll be able to find me here, at, from now on, sharing content on the business of photography, blogging, and coaching people to build awesome businesses.

Stephanie will be continuing on with Vivid & Brave, with a brand new, 8 week, one on one version of the coaching program, more half day and full day workshops, and a deeper focus on the heart work of running a creative passion business.

It’s this change that demonstrates what we’ve known about Vivid & Brave since the day we realized it was something we both needed to do, in my Mini Cooper, winding through the Rocky Mountains. That you have to bring your passion and your purpose together into your work. That the best work – the most fulfilling work – is work that fills you with joy. And that it’s okay to give yourself the grace to realize there’s a better fit out there for you. We journeyed together, and now we’re ready to part ways, though we’re guaranteed to continue to log miles, and add pins to the map. We can’t really resist a Mini Cooper road trip. I hope you’ll stick around to see where both of us end up next.

(This post originally written by Stephanie, and of course shared with permission.)

The Epic Amazing Adventure Road Trip

The Epic Amazing Adventure Road Trip

It started as a simple road trip. Head from Houston to Portland, Oregon. Attend the World Domination Summit. Visit family in Seattle, then head to Denver to drop off my car, fly to Chicago to speak at BlogHer, back to Denver to help teach at the Team-X Fight Club, and then head home.

Then while on the road to Portland, I discovered that Crater Lake is in Oregon, and we were going to be there just in time for there to be no moon. PERFECT for night photography of the Milky Way. A long time item on my Life List.

I had to make it happen. We purchased camping gear in Portland. Before I knew it, everything changed. Including all of my plans.

I ended up being gone from Houston for over 4 months. I drove over 19,000 miles. I visited 15 states, plus 2 Canadian provinces. 12 National Parks. People ask me where all I went, and I joke that it might be easier to list off where all I didn’t go. I did not go to the Grand Canyon. Or the National Parks in Utah. Next time. Yes, there will be a next time.

Mike, my husband, was with me for portions of the journey. The first two & a half weeks up until Seattle. Again for a week in North Dakota, where my son & my parents were with us as well. A week in Calgary (the photo above is from our trip to Moraine Lake in Banff while we were there). Another week for my birthday at Grand Teton & Yellowstone.

I learned a lot about myself in the thousands of miles that I drove alone. Camping at the various National Parks. Visiting friends across the country. Photography sessions with many fantastic women. Most of all as my BFF Stephanie & I worked together while I was in Calgary and launched Vivid & Brave, a coaching program for creative women who want to rediscover their voice. Our first round of graduates from the group coaching program just wrapped up today, and it was nothing short of incredible. AMAZING.

I’ve chronicled some of the journey on my personal blog, Avenger of Sexiness, in case you are interested. I will be writing more as I make my way through the thousands and thousands of photos that I took.

I hit the ground running when I returned to Houston with a number of boudoir sessions. I can’t wait for Christmas to come and go so I can share some of the amazingness with you!

Now it is time to prepare for the new year ahead, and the new adventures that await. I’d like to invite you to join Stephanie & I as we share our Countdown to 2014 journal prompts to help you get ready for the year ahead. You can find the whole series on the Vivid & Brave blog. Be sure to enter to win our favorite journaling things as well!

The Avenger of Sexiness North America Tour – Summer 2013

The Avenger of Sexiness North America Tour – Summer 2013

I am on the road for most of the month of July — the Avenger of Sexiness North America Tour has started! I traveled in my Mini Cooper from Houston, Texas to Portland, Oregon over the past week, with very quick stops in Oklahoma City, Denver, Grand Junction (which is where the above photo is from – Colorado National Monument’s Rim Rock Drive), through Salt Lake City, and on to my first destination of Portland, Oregon!

Tonight kicks off the World Domination Summit here in Portland, and I can’t WAIT!

Next up is Seattle, Washington for some vacation time with family (in addition to the family we are visiting in Portland right now). Later in July, I’ll be speaking at Viewfinder Day at BlogHer in Chicago, and teaching at Team-X Fight Club in Denver.

I will be updating the “Tour” page on the site with cities that I am available for sessions in — if you want to set up a session with me, just let me know! Some of the dates are already taken by people who have contacted me over the past year asking that I let them know if I’m ever “in their area”.

Want to just meet up and have coffee? I’d love that too!

Where next?

  • You can follow along with my adventure on the road over at Avenger of Sexiness, my personal blog.
  • If you want to set up a session in Houston once I’ve returned, contact me and we will get your session all set up! (Please be patient if it takes me a day or two to respond – being on the road sometimes limits my internet access as I learned in the middle of nowhere, Kansas.)
  • If you want to set up a session on the road – GREAT! Contact me and we will make arrangements for that as well!
  • If you’re going to be at the World Domination Summit or BlogHer, please SAY HELLO!
There is Nothing Like Crisp, Cool, White Sheets in the Summertime

There is Nothing Like Crisp, Cool, White Sheets in the Summertime

As much as I love Houston, I’m still not a fan of the heat. The long summer days can just be so hot and sticky. Muggy. Any thoughts of working outside make me simply start to melt.

It is these days that I long for the crisp, cool, white sheets on my bed. Gone are the heavy sheets of winter, the blankets meant to keep me warm in our 1920 Bungalow. The windows are a bit drafty in our house. This time of year, I put the thin white sheets on my bed. Cool and inviting at the end of a long day.

The white sheets for me mean that summer is here, and it is time to embrace all the beauty that summer brings!

The white sheet. So pure and simple, it makes you look incredible. This is why so many of my clients choose to include it as an outfit in their Hot Mama session. It got me thinking — it is time to once again do a White Sheet Session special. You, me, the camera, and the white sheet. Who is in? I’ve got 10 spots available for the month of June, and another 10 spots for the month of August. (Weekdays only.) What a perfect gift for your wedding anniversary or an upcoming birthday!

Not in Houston? I’ll be in Austin, Portland, Seattle, Chicago (speaking at BlogHer on photography!), New Orleans and Denver this summer. Contact me, let me know what city you are interested in, and we can get it all set up!

The White Sheet Session Details

– These sessions feature the White Sheet. No other outfit changes are included. (I’d suggest nude underwear for under the white sheet if you would like.)
– It is a 45 minute session at my studio in the Heights. Weekdays only. Sessions are available as early as 8am or as late as 6pm.
– Makeup is not included, but can be added for $100 if you would like. (Makeup is included in all of my regular sessions.)
– Albums, gift prints, wall art are all available a la carte and selected at your ordering session.
– Very Special White Sheet Session price: $150

One of the best things about these sessions is that you don’t have to go spend any money on lingerie to wear; I provide it all with the white sheet! That makes it a really outstanding deal!

Contact me and we will get your session all set up! I simply can’t wait to work with you!

Details on longer sessions with more outfit changes and makeup included is available on my pricing page.

Beauty is a Matter of Perspective

Beauty is a Matter of Perspective

Changing the world's perception of Beauty starts with YOU. Your language about yourself and others. YOU are ENOUGH. - Christine TremouletI wrote the other day about my thoughts on how you see yourself vs how the world sees you. The Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign videos had me in tears because it resonated with what I hear from women all the time. The things we don’t like about ourselves are often the things that other people don’t even see at all.

I never want to minimize how someone feels about themselves, but I want to show them how the rest of the world sees them.

What has been fascinating to me over the past few days is the response I’ve seen to the campaign. Most of it has been very positive. It has made people think about the language they use about themselves, which I think is fantastic! But there are some people who are uncomfortable & angry about the videos. Wondering why there is so much focus on beauty. Friends wrote comments on my post, and I exchanged emails with others as well.

“I should be more grateful of my natural beauty. It impacts the choices and the friends we make, the jobs we go out for, they way we treat our children, it impacts everything. It couldn’t be more critical to your happiness.”

Here is the thing I’ve observed in the 140+ sessions that I’ve done. I work with women in a very intimate way, and they have to trust me in order for me to work with them. I hear a lot, and I observe even more. I hear how you talk about yourself, and sometimes it breaks my heart. It makes me even more driven to show you the way I see you, the way the world sees you.

The Perception of Beauty

This perception of beauty? It impacts almost everyone. There have been very few people that I’ve come across in my life who don’t feel the same way as that woman in the video. Some level of insecurity, fear, doubt, questioning themselves. At some point it has had some impact on everyone’s life.

My dream is to eradicate that sort of thinking about ourselves. Thinking that beauty is so important, and that beauty has such a narrow definition. But it isn’t going to happen over night. We have to start it, we have to redefine what beauty is and change its level of importance.

I see us all at the beginning of the change. I am hopeful for the future. We have to be the start of it, women. Both in the language we use about ourselves and in the language we use about one another.

Just think about that the next time you start to make a catty remark about how another woman is dressed, what she weighs, or how she styles her hair…

Confidence and Rediscovering Beauty

You may have noticed above that my mission, my Superpower, is helping Hot Mamas grow their CONFIDENCE by rediscovering their BEAUTY. Those words are something I have spent hours & days thinking over before I ever shared them with the world. They are in that order for a reason, because I feel that confidence is one of the most powerful things you can possibly have. As for rediscovering your beauty? To be honest, it is REDEFINING your beauty. Seeing yourself in the light of beauty that the rest of us see you. Seeing that the issues that you have are not the ones that the rest of us see, and that we have to choose to stop letting this issue of beauty stand in our way.

My client Ms. S said it best in an email she sent me after her session:

There needs to be more AVENGERS of SEXINESS in the world, allowing other women to take back their self worth and sexiness and tell society to go to HELL. “I am SEXY and I KNOW IT”…. Thank YOU Christine for being my AVENGER of SEXINESS!

Should beauty be a non-issue? Absolutely. But people do judge a book by its cover, and people by their looks. It is time that we all stood up and redefined beauty, together.

You are more beautiful than you think. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

How You See Yourself vs How the World Sees You

Women. We are our own harshest critiques. Maybe it is because we are told at a young age not to be vain? Not to say that we are pretty? To be humble, to describe ourselves as plain so that we aren’t seen as boastful?

Maybe it is the impact of the mass media on us? What they try to tell us is “beautiful” in the magazine pages, which is actually a Photoshopped version of reality that isn’t attainable by anyone that is human? Like the time that Redbook decided that Faith Hill needed an arm so skinny that she has no elbow.

Whatever it is, it has to stop.

You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are incredible.

I am so in love with this Real Beauty Sketches campaign from Dove. We study ourselves in the mirror every day, yet no woman could accurately describe her features, and the language that they use about themselves is so harsh. It was heartbreaking to watch it, and I cried at the end.

If only you could see yourself as the rest of the world sees you, then you would know how beautiful you truly are. It looks nothing like what you see in the pages of the magazines because you are so much more than that.

This is something I also need to remind myself of on a daily basis, but I know that it is true thanks to all the women I’ve been fortunate to work with. That knowledge makes it so much easier for me to remember.


Ms. T’s San Francisco Boudoir Photography Session

Ms. T’s San Francisco Boudoir Photography Session

San Francisco Boudoir Photographer California - Ms T

Last summer I took the Hot Mama Tour on the road and set up San Francisco boudoir photography sessions. While I was there, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Ms. T. Ms. T & I go way, way back – we first met years ago when she let me stay at her house when she lived in Austin and I needed a last minute place to stay during SXSW Interactive. Oh, what a trip that was – we had the best time that week! We simply clicked, rather immediately. Well, once I remembered to use my inside voice at 1am in her apartment.

Back when I very first started doing boudoir sessions, Ms. T let me photograph her — and it changed everything. I think hers was the second or third session I ever did. Afterwards, when she saw the photos, she told me, “Everyone always tells me I’m beautiful, and I’m like ‘Whatever!’ But you made me see why they say that. You made me see how beautiful I really I am.”

She didn’t know until I told her about that this summer, but I still get choked up when I talk about that moment. It makes me cry. It was an absolutely life-changing moment for me, which lead me on the path to where I am today. I owe her everything for making me see the power of these photography sessions.

It has been 4 and a half years since that first session, so it was wonderful to get a chance to photograph her again! Since she lives in San Francisco now, we did her boudoir photography session there at my friend Tess & RC’s studio in Alameda. A Sunday morning full of crazy laughter, these are just a few of the photos from our day – shared, of course, with permission from Ms. T, as per my Privacy Policy.

Alameda Boudoir Photography Session

San Francisco Boudoir Photographer

Ms T San Francisco CA Boudoir Photography Session

Ms T San Francisco Boudoir Photography

San Francisco Boudoir Photographer Ms T

As T & I were emailing about which photos I was going to use for this post, she sent me this note. Just like the last time I photographed her, she made me cry all over again…


Thank you for once again showing me how beautiful the world is through your eyes.

I actually have gained weight since the last time you shot me and you know what? I DGAF*. I didn’t care because when I saw the photos that you took of me, I realized that no matter what the scale says, your lens says something else. Your lens says that I am beautiful – with all the rolls and lumps and bumps and scars. For that, I love you. I love you for making me feel beautiful and powerful and capable of being loved.

Thank you!

*I Don’t Give A F.

Ms T San Francisco Boudoir Photographer

San Francisco Boudoir Photography Ms T

Thank you, thank you, thank you Ms. T – for all of the many amazing things you have done for me over the years, for the countless hours of laughing so hard it hurts, for introducing me to Domino Magazine (sadly now gone), for your design help, for being an aunt to my son, for understanding that I deserve nice things, for putting up with me, for your encouragement, for believing in me, and most of all – for trusting me. You have had a far more significant impact on my life than I believe you will ever know, and I love you for that.

I can’t wait to return to San Francisco and see you again SOON!

Alameda Boudoir Photography Ms T

(The black t-shirt on the left was purchased for my husband as a gift from Prather Ranch Meat Co., where I had one of several amazing burgers while I was in San Francisco. Go there when you visit!)

Houston Boudoir Photographer – Mrs. K’s Session at the Heights Studio

Houston Boudoir Photographer – Mrs. K’s Session at the Heights Studio

Houston Heights Boudoir Photographer

Mrs. K took a fun “day off” from being a mom to come in to my Houston Boudoir Photographer studio in the Heights to do a Hot Mama session to surprise her husband with a birthday present. We had such a fun time working together! Oh my goodness. Her laugh & her smile just radiated – and of course I appreciate anyone who thinks my horrible jokes are as funny as I think that they are! I’m so thrilled that not only did she give me permission to share her photos here with you, as per my Privacy Policy, she also gave me permission to use them to design an album that my album company will be displaying when they launch their new product at their tradeshow booths later this year! So thrilled, I’ve been so excited about these new albums launching at the end of the month!

Thank you to Jennifer Aronson for your amazing beautiful work. Thank you again Mrs. K for being so delightful to work with – I hope we get to do it again soon!

Have you been considering doing a Hot Mama session? Maybe for your spouse or sweetheart for Valentine’s Day? I still have a few weekday sessions available between now and the deadline of February 3rd, but you need to book soon because they are first come, first serve! Contact me HERE to book yours!

Houston Boudoir Before & After

Mrs. K before her session when she sat down in Jennifer’s makeup chair on the left, and afterwards on the right. Stunning! I love the very natural makeup look that Jennifer did for her. So perfect!

Valentine's Day - Houston Boudoir Photography

Christine Tremoulet - Houston Boudoir Photographer

Valentine's Special - Boudoir Photography Houston

Hot Mama Photographer Houston Boudoir

Houston Boudoir Photographer Christine Tremoulet

Heights Boudoir Photographer Houston TX

Boudoir Photography by Christine Tremoulet

Mrs K Boudoir Photography Album Houston

Thank you again to Mrs. K for giving me permission to share her photos, and to Jennifer Aronson for her wonderful makeup! Ready for your Hot Mama session? Contact me NOW to book yours!

Houston Boudoir Photographer Valentine's Day

You Are Enough. Celebrating Being a Boudoir Photographer.

You Are Enough. Celebrating Being a Boudoir Photographer.

You Are Enough. Celebrating being a Boudoir Photographer.People often ask me why I’m a boudoir photographer, and I’ll be honest – sometimes, it is hard to put in to words. It is actually a deeply personal choice, one that has grown out of pain, frustration, feeling as though we as women and as moms are viewed as not enough.

Damn it. WE ARE ENOUGH. Just like we are. And my goal in life? My goal is to celebrate that through boudoir photography.

I’m a boudoir photographer because doing it reminds me daily that I am enough, too.

This is a message I want to spread far & wide. I don’t know how yet. I don’t have a plan. I just know I want to share it with the world. With every woman I meet. Every woman who tells me that they can’t do a boudoir session, at least not until they lose 20 lbs, get tone, or whatever the case may be.

We are loved for who we are TODAY. Right now. In the present. The woman you are today is who I want to document. Right now. (By the way, if you told me you could never do a boudoir session, sorry if I was a little over the top dramatic about why you CAN do it. I’m a little passionate about it.)

For the past 3 years, I’ve had the distinct honor of photographing TEDx Houston. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, and is focused on ideas worth spreading. Speakers are given at most 18 minutes to share their ideas. Doesn’t matter who you are, 18 minutes. At first there was just one TED conference, and tickets were hard to come by and very limited. In recent years, they have decided to open up TED and create TEDx events. Local events, ones that can celebrate the city that they are a part of, and still help to spread ideas around the world. You can view all of the TED & TEDx videos online, and they are so wonderful. I love being a part of TEDx. Cameras are not allowed at TEDx events, so being one of the selected photographers has been incredible. The bonus has been the TEDx events I’ve been to, and they have taught me so many things both about Houston and about myself.

I try to make a point of watching as many of the TED and TEDx videos as I can. Recently, a link somewhere lead me to the video below. (I unfortunately don’t remember where, as I opened the video in a new tab and lost the original source.) The tab stayed open in my browser for several days, the time never being quite right to watch it.

Until now. Tonight I watched it, and it left me in tears. THIS. This is why I do what I do. It is for the moms out there that feel they have to hide. For our children. For your daughters. For our mothers. For US. For the fear that we have to hide who we are. For the shame.

What we look like does NOT define us. We need to change the world. We need to let the world know that WE ARE ENOUGH.

Thank you to Brittany Gibbons for putting yourself out there. For creating Curvy Girl Guide. For reminding us that we, as women, need to treat each other with a bit more kindness. And most of all, for reminding me to be strong. To continue to spread my passion. To stand up and celebrate our beauty, both inside and out, just as we are.

To the readers of this site, thank you to you for allowing me to share my passion with you.

To all of my amazing clients, YOU help make my dreams come true by sharing your laughter and trusting me with your fears. You are amazing and strong. You are beautiful in ways that words can’t express and photographs can’t even accurately capture. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

To all of the Hot Mamas out there, I celebrate you all every time I lift up my camera. Thank you for giving me that opportunity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a part of me, and because of you I am enough, too.