Cans for Comments!

UPDATE (12/22/08): Between 12/5/08 and 12/20/08, including comments left here, on my personal blog, on Flickr, and on my posts at Photo LoveCat, I got 94 comments! I’m rounding it up to an even 100 cans to donate – going to the store tomorrow!

Giving Her Away, at the Hideout on the Horseshoe, New Braunfels, Texas

Anyone with a blog can tell you that the most wonderful thing in the world is to get a comment on a blog post. Now I want to share that wonderful feeling with others!

For every comment left on this blog (not just this post, but the whole blog) between now and December 20, 2008, I’ll purchase and donate a canned good to the Houston Food Bank!

I have to give Chris + Lynn credit for the inspiration (oh my, are they ever inspiring!), and Scott of Think Photographics credit for pointing it out. When I heard about it, I had to jump on the canwagon!* (Totally Scott’s words there with the canwagon. It cracked me up though so I had to use it.) Lots of others are participating too!

On the Canwagon:
Kristel Wyman, Lori Miles, Blue Olive, The Bebbs, CJ Scott, Erin Gilmore, Amber Hughes, Jamie Delaine, Tracey Heppner, Michael Wachniak, Melissa Zihlman, John Heil, Susan, Ami J. Davenport, Jerk with a Camera, Anne Ruthmann, and Kristy, the Custom Invitation Lady.

Want to join in on the fun? Let me know, so I can be sure to post your link too! You give it to us … and we give it back! Cans for Comments! Yeah!

No blog post is complete without photos, so here are a few for Flashback Friday! Some of my favorites from Sarah & Marc’s wedding back in May at the Hideout on the Horseshoe in New Braunfels, Texas. Such a beautiful setting – and an absolutely gorgeous couple!

Just Married! at the Hideout on the Horseshoe, New Braunfels, Texas

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46 Comments on “Cans for Comments!

  1. What a great idea. However, please donate *anything* other than creamed corn. The hungry will thank you.

  2. You are amazing!! I wish I had my website going right now I would totally do this too!

    I love your work and I look forward to seeing more and more!!

  3. Just saw your latest post, and wanted to add a can! What a wonderful idea. Let’s see how many others we can get to do this!

  4. What a cool idea πŸ™‚ I must take a moment to say what I should have send many blogs ago, YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Your work is so crisp and each pic is on point!! I love your blog. I am sorry for just now sharing this, but what a good cause!!
    I am also inspired by the idea and will come up with something similiar for the DC area to donate!!

    Thanks and Happy Holidays

  5. What a great idea Christine! And so I’ll post here – but will add this to my site for the Parker, Colorado Food Task Force.

  6. What a great idea Christine, I am so inspired by your post that I like you will be borrowing it and making sure to thank your inspired as well.

  7. Christine,

    At least going you are going to go broke for a wonderful cause. Truly, a great idea! I need blog love. I feel so much despair without it… LOL! I think I will do the same thing!

    Merry Christmas!


  8. That dress is gorgeous! (Your photos are amazing, too.) Something that just struck me as really cool is the way that Cans for Comments is so local, but still worldwide. Thank you for letting me participate!

  9. I love this idea. I think I will spread the love to my blog. Great photos by the way!

  10. That’s a very generous donation!
    I’d love to know where the pictures on this post were taken.
    Love your work!

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