Business Cards for Conventions and Conferences

I created new businesses cards for conferences & conventions that I will be attending this year. When I head to Imaging USA and WPPI, the details I want people to walk away with are different than what I might hand over to a potential boudoir photography client. Instead of just writing details on the card, or hoping that someone remembered them, I felt that making new cards was best.

I’ve written before about how important it is to use a consistant avatar photograph online, and the red wall experience of 2009. With this new card, I wanted to include my current avatar, so when people see me on Twitter or Facebook after the convention, they will recognize me. I included my Twitter account, my personal Facebook page, and my email address. Some of these items are on my regular card, but the Facebook and email information are not.

Yes, I do not have my email address on my regular business cards. I use ShootQ, and I want people to go through my ShootQ contact form to contact me to book sessions. More about that (and my email organization system) in another post.

Business Cards for Conferences and Conventions - and Buttons!

I also mentioned my business cards in the tips for having an amazing time at Imaging USA 2013 post; I always take business cards with me – you just never know who you will meet that will need one!

I wanted my new cards to have my consistant personal branding, using my signature logo on one side. That side is all about me. I also wanted to include the Business of Awesome branding on them. That is a lot of information to put on one business card, but I have to say that I love how they came out!

I could have handed my regular business cards out to people that I meet at Imaging USA and WPPI, but they aren’t meant for that audience; most photographers that I will be meeting are not going to be booking me for a boudoir session. (If they want to, I will gladly give them one of those cards!) Instead, I want them to know about this site just as much as that one. Having one card that includes everything targeted to this audience makes the most sense.

Business Cards for Conferences and Conventions

Business Card details: Square business cards and Vertical business cards printed by ProDPI, using their smooth matte paper.
Buttons: 1″ round buttons from Busy Beaver Button Company

Do you make new cards for conferences? Share a link to them in the comments – I would LOVE to see them!

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