Greetings from Mexico!

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I’m in Mexico through Friday for Jose Villa’s Workshop and it is AMAZING!!! I can’t say that enough. I’ll post more when I get a better internet connection with photos of Hacienda El Carmen and all the things we’ve seen around the surrounding town. The light here is just beautiful. The spa is serene. (I had a massage and pedicure on Monday!) But the best part? The photographers here. I’m so inspired, I can’t even put it into words!

At the end of day one of the workshop, we had models come in for an engagement session type of shoot. After Jose and Cameron gave us tips on how they shoot, they gave us THREE minutes with the models. Three minutes to take them somewhere, take photos, take them somewhere else if we wanted — and a lot of pressure with about 15 people watching you shoot! These were two of my favorites from the shoot; I selected them for our critique session tomorrow morning.

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