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I’ve got a line of photos waiting to be posted here, but before I do any of that I want to make sure that everyone who was so kind & patient while I dealt with emergency surgery last month has everything that they need before Christmas arrives. So if you’re looking for a slideshow or photos from sessions – I promise, they will be blogged soon. Sharing them here is one of my favorite things to do!

Coming soon to the blog:
- Lauren & Dante’s wedding slideshow & photos
- Andi & Jason’s engagement session
- Mauro & Mariely’s engagement session
- Mauro & Mariely’s wedding slideshow & photos
- Brandi & Donald’s engagement session
- Liz & Dave’s engagement session.

I’m wrapping up proofs for the last three on the list (the first of Mauro & Mariely’s photos went online tonight!), and then it will be a blogapalooza fest over here! Stay tuned!

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