Mrs K’s Boudoir Session in Houston, Texas

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Miss K - Houston Boudoir Photographer Miss K - Texas Boudoir Photography

Miss K is having a destination wedding at the end of the year, and decided to surprise her sweetie with a boudoir album full of awesome, yummy goodness! She was gracious enough to give me permission to share a few of our favorites! We did a session at the studio, and had such a great time!

In Miss K’s own words – from a comment she left over at the wedding photography site, “Christine just shot my boudoir shoot and it was AMAZING!!! She made me feel SO comfortable…and the pictures are beautiful; very “soft and sweet” yet sexy. Thanks Christine!!”

Houston Boudoir Studio Photography - Miss K

White Sheet Session - Houston Boudoir Photography Houston Boudoir Photography - Laughter

The Red Shoes - Boudoir Photography Houston Texas Buffalo Bills - Boudoir Photography Houston

I just loved that she incorporated things that she knows he loves into the session. They are both fans of the Buffalo Bills, so she brought a jersey along, he loves the red shoes she is wearing, so she was sure to include them, and he plays soccer, so she brought a soccer jersey as well!

Miss K - Houston Boudoir Photographer The Ring - Houston Boudoir Photography

Wedding Shoes - Houston Boudoir Photography

Aren’t those shoes awesome? They are her shoes for her wedding day! I love the purple – they are going to be such a gorgeous accent! Thank you again to Miss K for such an awesome, fun session!

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