#1 – The One Thing You’re Not Doing for Success in Your Business with Dave Moss

Dave Moss - Show Guest on Reframe Success Podcast My guest Dave Moss & I discuss why it is imperative that you decide what your version of success looks like for you and your business, the power of coaching for professional photographers, and the results of Dave’s survey of nearly 200 professional photographers, and the one thing that 92% of them said they are not doing for their business. Leave with insight on small changes that you can make that will make a major difference in your business moving forward.

A full transcript of the episode can be found at the bottom of this post.

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Dave’s Coaching website can be found at
You can find him on Instagram at @abbyplusdave and @davemosscoach

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Episode 22 – Bringing YOU into Your Business with Tim Riddick

Tim Riddick is a wedding photographer and taco enthusiast (taconnoisseur?) from Washington, D.C. who believes in the power of positivity and personal connections in driving business. Tim’s sense of authenticity and complete self is a key part of how he presents his business online. Instead of separating personal and professional websites, he has combined these

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