As I visit photographer’s sites, I see it all the time. For some reason, photographers don’t want to put their city & state (region, country, whatever fits where you live) on their website.

I’ve asked some of them, and almost always they respond about how it would be so cool to do destination work, and they want everyone to know they can travel wherever they are at. For example, when my business was more focused on weddings, I booked a destination wedding in Mexico because they looked specifically for a Houston-based photographer, knowing that flights cost less and were direct from Houston to Huatulco, Mexico. Having my city on my site helped!

Other times, they just overlooked it.

Add your address to your site! If you work from home, add your location. You don’t have to put your house address online. Let people who are looking for a photographer in your city know that you are in their city so that they can hire you!

SEO benefit is another reason – when people are searching for a photographer, they generally include the city name. Having yours there will help improve the results of finding you.

Last but not least, clients want to connect with you. They want to know that you’re like them – and having a city or even a neighborhood in common is so helpful for them to do that! For example, I live and have my studio in the Heights area of Houston, Texas. To other residents of the Heights, this means something to them. It tells them about my brand and my story that I chose to both live & work here. Houston is such a large city, it tells other people exactly where I am at and that I’m close to downtown, close to major freeways, it is easy to get here.

Check your site – is your location there? Put it on the footer of every page, put it on your Contact form. Don’t make people hunt for it. They will appreciate it!

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