I Love my Camera Action Shot
Photos by Sarah Alston of Seattle, Washington. Used with permission.

Hi, my name is Christine. I love to take pictures. I would love to take pictures of you.

For me, boudoir photography is all about celebrating the beauty of EVERY woman. That is my goal with every photograph I take.

I want you to be comfortable with me, because I know people are nervous sometimes going into a boudoir session. Often I hear, “I’ve never done this before.” That is ok. You just need to be, well, YOU. That is exactly what I want to capture, in the most beautiful way possible. Together, we will make magical photographs that you will cherish – and if you’re giving them to someone as a gift, they will love them too!

Below is a bit about who I am. Including a topless photo for you. (Uhm, ok, so I don’t look like this now. But at least you’ve seen me topless.)

I've Always been a Photographer.I have done this all my life. I remember being on vacation when I was about 10 years old, and my mom handed me the camera and told me to take the photos because my pictures always came out better. At the time, it might have been with a Polaroid, or maybe the Kodak Disc camera.

I spent the first money I earned from my summer babysitting job when I was 13 on a point & shoot 35mm camera because I wanted better pictures. (My second purchase was a cordless phone – I’ve always been an early adopter gadget junkie!)

I didn’t get to take photography in high school until my senior year. I fell in love with using a SLR, a Minolta x370 that I still own, and working in the dark room. I have been blessed with parents that have always supported my photography dreams. However, when I was young, I never believed I could make a career out of it – I was convinced that all artists were starving artists.

In college, I considered changing my major and switching schools so I could get a degree in journalism and photography. (I went to Texas A&M in College Station, and in the late ’80s I don’t think it was offered.) Instead, I got married and moved to Germany. My best “souvenir” from my time in Germany? My son, who was born 2 months after I returned to the US.

I started blogging in 2000 over at what is now BigPinkCookie, and I also had a photoblog that was nominated for a SXSW award in 2003 and featured in a book on blogging. Thanks to blogging and the H-Town Blogs group, I met the most awesome man ever in 2002. Our first conversation was about our cameras – if that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is. Mike & I got married in May, 2004.

A Crown to Visit the PrincessI *heart* the Eiffel TowerAt the Top
On our honeymoon: at Kensington Palace in London, wearing my wedding tiara; with the Eiffel Tower that I adore so much;
and at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

In 2006, with my husband’s support, I shook off that starving artist mentality, and I took the 20+ years worth of skills that I had developed and devoted them to my lifelong passion.

In 2008, I added boudoir sessions to my list of things that I offer, and I love doing them. I love them so much, that in 2010 I decided to break up with wedding photography and make boudoir photography my primary focus because I believe in the power of boudoir photography that much. It is incredible the transformation I see when women rediscover how sexy they are!

Now? Now I can’t imagine doing anything else. At last, I am living the DREAM. I have the best job in the WORLD. Is it really a job if you’re doing what you love? I am blessed to have such a supportive family, including a husband that lifts up my dreams and lets me soar, and a son who seems to have been blessed with his mother’s eye and love for photography. (And gets to lug around a 30D with a 24-70 f/2.8L lens on vacation.)

Destination Wedding and portrait session commissions are always welcomed, as I love to travel. Don’t live in Houston, but you would love to have a boudoir session? Gather together a friend or two, split the cost of getting me there, and we’ll get it all set up!

To date, I have completed assignments in:

  • New York, New York – both Manhattan and Brooklyn;
  • Cape Cod (Sandwich), Massachusetts;
  • Caye Caulker, Belize;
  • Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico;
  • Asheville, North Carolina;
  • Boston, Massachusetts;
  • Bellingham, Washington;
  • New Braunfels, Texas;
  • Seattle, Washington;
  • Mendocino, California;
  • Carmel, California;
  • New Iberia, Louisiana;
  • St. Louis, Missouri;
  • Paris, France;
  • London, England;
  • Bristol, England;
  • Salzburg, Austria;
  • along with a number of cities in Germany

My work has been featured in the New York Times, the Houston Chronicle, Schmap Guides for London and Paris, BarStool Magazine – Houston, My Table magazine, Wikipedia, Houstonist and more. I have also completed assignments for Success Magazine and Success for Women Magazine.