600 Sq. Mi.


Ok, seriously? Where did this week go? Is it just me, or did it zooooom by?

The 600 Sq. Mi. Exhibit opening party is tonight, and I have a photo in the show! In the Houston area? Come on out and join the fun! I’ll be there! It is from 7-10pm at the M2 Gallery in the Heights, on 19th Street. Good times, good music, food & drinks – you can’t miss this!

Elaine mentioned this in passing on the phone yesterday, but I didn’t ask her all the details – she was quoted and her photos were used in the U of H newspaper article about the exhibit! Squeee!

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  1. imelda on September 8, 2007 at 3:30 PM

    I love the new layout Christine! I love simple design but also like that all the information you want to share is also included. I guess its just not over simplified.

    I need to update my blog.

    Glad the CSS didn’t make your eyes bleed!

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