600 Sq. Mi.

600 Sq. Mi.


Ok, seriously? Where did this week go? Is it just me, or did it zooooom by?

The 600 Sq. Mi. Exhibit opening party is tonight, and I have a photo in the show! In the Houston area? Come on out and join the fun! I’ll be there! It is from 7-10pm at the M2 Gallery in the Heights, on 19th Street. Good times, good music, food & drinks – you can’t miss this!

Elaine mentioned this in passing on the phone yesterday, but I didn’t ask her all the details – she was quoted and her photos were used in the U of H newspaper article about the exhibit! Squeee!

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  • imelda September 8, 2007 at 3:30 PM

    I love the new layout Christine! I love simple design but also like that all the information you want to share is also included. I guess its just not over simplified.

    I need to update my blog.

    Glad the CSS didn’t make your eyes bleed!

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